Moonlight Manifestation Reviews (Alexander Wilson) Legit Program or Bad Results?

Some people can attract wealth, abundance, and happiness early in life. Others struggle throughout their lives but do not get the satisfaction, prosperity, or pleasure they desire. Manifestation programs can help you attract what your heart desires regardless of your age or wealth status. By tapping the inner power of the manifestation protocol, the universe can give you what you want.

There are numerous online manifestation programs. Some are too expensive, while others are too complicated. The Moonlight Manifestation program is an online abundance program created by American-based coach Alexander Wilson. Can the program open the doors to abundance and happiness? Continue reading this review to find out more about the Moonlight Manifestation Program.

About Moonlight Manifestation

Alexander Wilson is a US-based manifestation coach with thousands of global clients. The Moonlight Manifestation is a one-of-a-kind program that can aid users in manifesting their dreams regardless of age. The technique is based on the ancient Mayan and Himalayan dream Yoga. The program triggers the subconscious mind to display everything your heart desires.

Moonlight Manifestation involves a three-step ritual that aids you in commanding the brain to assist you in achieving your goals. According to Wilson, the thalamus has the power to tune your dreams into reality. You can rewrite the subconscious mind by listening to the Moonlight Manifestation soundtracks.

Alexander Wilson notes that blocking your brain’s negative emotions and energies can help you achieve your desires. The three-step manifestation ritual begins with noting down any negative thing you wish to block. After sleeping, the subconscious erases all the negativity providing you with new positive energies and vibes.

How Does the Moonlight Manifestation Program Work?

Dream Yoga is an ancient technique that aids users in blocking all negative energies. The Moonlight Manifestation program consists of 32 sound frequencies that activate the thalamus and initiate positive vibes. Alexander Wilson recommends listening to the sound-healing tracks daily to fight negativity.

The thalamus is a crucial organ found in the brain. Visualizations, meditations, and affirmations are all centered in the thalamus. Listening to the Moonlight Manifestation soundtrack helps eliminate negative thoughts.

You can switch on the thalamus every day around 2. am. After sleeping, the REM sleep cycle occurs for about ten minutes. However, from 2 am, the REM lasts for a full hour. The Moonlight Manifestation program seeks to utilize the short “REM window” to clear negative energies and stimulate positivity.

Components of the Moonlight Manifestation Program

According to Alexander Wilson, the soundtracks are a three-part series including:

The Income Manifestation Series

The audios on this series include the Divine Block Dissolver and Abundance Rising. Similarly, seven sub-tracks complement the Income Manifestation Series; these are:

The 12D Self-Activator – This audio aids the listener in manifesting positive energies and vibes. It switches off the negative energies that cause self-doubt, unhappiness, and other negative traits.

Pure Presence – It primarily aids the listener in upgrading their vibrations quickly. The soundtrack can also assist the user in becoming pure in front of themselves and those around them.

The Soul’s Purpose Akashi Journey – Alexander claims that this audio can help you realize your life’s purpose. It can aid you in realigning your body and soul, allowing you to enjoy your life to the fullest.

Past Life Karma Clearing – This track removes all generational vexations and negative beliefs that hinder you from achieving your dreams.

Quantum Wealth Activation – It enables the listeners to transform all the negative vibes into positive energy regardless of the quantum levels.

The Overnight Signs Journey provides the listeners with positive signs as they sleep.

Money Blocks DNA Clearing – It enables the listener to clear negative beliefs and energies regarding cash. Per the creator, some people fail to attract capital because of the “Money Blocks” in their subconscious.

The Unstoppable Motivational Series

Alexander Wilson explains that this series can aid users in discovering their hidden talents and powers. Additionally, the soundtracks can boost the listener’s confidence and unleash their full potential. Other benefits of the series include:

  • It can aid in working through past issues
  • Focuses on building self-confidence
  • It helps uncover unused skills
  • It aids in balancing and charging your chakras
  • It removes obstacles that prevent you from manifesting abundance.

The Unlock Your Quantum Magic Series

The Moonlight Manifestation creator claims that this series can aid the listeners to:

  • Enhance their cognition, including memory, motivation, and creativity
  • It can heighten IQ levels
  • It boosts creativity
  • It can amplify writing skills
  • It can augment communication skills.

Moonlight Manifestation Pricing

You can purchase the Moonlight Manifestation series via the official website for only $37! After purchase, the user will receive the three-part series plus other bonuses, including:

  • Overnight Health Series
  • Overnight Hypnotic Healer Series
  • The Dream Yoga Activation Series

The Moonlight Manifestation program is entirely digital, and customers get instant access after purchase. Alexander Wilson offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. You can contact customer service via the link on the website.


Moonlight Manifestation is a program involving listening to therapeutic sounds that automatically switch on the thalamus while you sleep. The program has three powerful vibrational sounds separated into 32 layers. The listener’s subconscious takes complete control when listening to the audio during sleep. Consequently, the soundtracks enable the users to link their souls and mind, creating manifestations. Moonlight Manifestation allows users to clear all the obstacles in the subconscious, creating a clear path for positive vibes. The manifestation program can assist you in attracting wealth, health, and happiness, among other things. Visit the official website today to order the Moonlight Manifestation program and start living your dream life!