Marco Wutzer Project Serenity Reviews (Genesis Cycle) Is It Legit?

Marco Wutzer, an investor, is adamant that this is the ideal time to invest in cryptocurrencies to potentially gain millions of dollars. Although the market has experienced considerable volatility since 2012, compared to year-end, when it closed at a value of $500 million, 2022 revealed a market capitalization of $2.77 trillion, representing a compound annual growth rate of 150%.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone to hear that over 60 million people are actively investing in cryptocurrencies after a decade of explosive growth (with 290 million having some exposure). This all goes to show that there is still time to maximize this asset class relative to the world population. What’s even more intriguing is that those who want to test out cryptocurrencies only need to invest a modest amount of money and can easily watch their accounts grow without having to learn about the underlying technology.

In a video presentation, Marco Wutzer provides a definition of the Genesis Cycle. When early acceptance of cryptocurrencies reaches 10% (it is currently just under 4%), Marco predicts that mainstream adoption will continue for not one, but several years before we reach a 90% mass adoption rate. He refers to this period as the “growth cycle on top of a growth cycle.” So, where is Marco headed with all this optimism? Well, it turns out that he wants to help others succeed in this realm, and one way he could do so is if people became members of Project Serenity.

So, with all his confidence, where is Marco going with this? It turns out that he wants to assist others in achieving success in cryptocurrencies and joining Project Serenity would allow him to do that. Consequently, the goal of this review is to inform readers of all relevant information regarding Project Serenity.

What is Project Serenity?

Project Serenity is a cryptocurrency-focused investment newsletter edited by the renowned Marco Wutzer. His focus is on identifying top contenders within the realm of blockchain technology. To put it another way, Marco is keen on providing education on initiatives that are anticipated to drive the next wave of the global digital economy, as well as, of course, in leading members toward the path to financial freedom. Let’s explore what members will learn by signing up for membership today.

What can be learned from Project Serenity by signing up today?

Individuals who sign up to Project Serenity today will discover:

  • The Fulcrum Framework, Marco’s secret system for identifying blockchain winners
  • How to maximize your profits from crypto market cycles using the 20×5 Matrix
  • The Fulcrum Framework real-world application and outcomes
  • Why the Genesis Cycle is going to change everything
  • How a paradigm shift is currently taking place and will not be repeated for another 20 years or more
  • Why cryptocurrencies may be viewed as the next safe haven free of inflation, currency controls, supply chain breakdowns, and other negative consequences.

What does the Project Serenity membership entail?

Those who sign up for Project Serenity will have immediate access to the following resources:

  • Receive new investment recommendations monthly and real-time portfolio updates
  • Video updates from around the world on the blockchain ecosystem and its application
  • Having access to innovative investment possibilities with room for expansion

How much does access to Project Serenity cost?

The annual membership fee for Project Serenity is $997. However, DigiStore24, the platform through which memberships are sold, also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee to Project Serenity. Therefore, provided that a refund request and justification are made within 60 days of the transaction via helpdesk@Digistore24.com, processing it shouldn’t provide any issues for the team. For any content or service-related matters, contact support at marco@wutzer.org.

Meet Marco Wutzer

As mentioned previously, Marco Wutzer is a well-known blockchain specialist and active trader with experience spanning more than two decades. Since he first entered the field, technology has remained the center of his attention. In truth, the expert enjoyed a winning streak with the Digital Monetary Trust and e-gold before turning to digital currencies.

So, when did he discover bitcoin for the first time? He started trading in 2010, and three years later, he made his first six-figure trade. From there, everything went in his favor. In fact, people know him for his speculative trade that went from a pitiful $0.01 to $3.84. And, fortunately, because of his knowledge in this area, he is now in demand for his advice on cryptocurrency investment strategies from high-net-worth individuals, investment institutions, banks, and family offices. To learn more about Marco Wutzer, visit here.

Final Thoughts

It should be obvious from the foregoing analysis that Marc Wutzer is bullish about the possibility of cryptocurrencies one day achieving mass adoption of 90%. We are currently hovering at 3.65%, which indicates that there is a lot more tapping required than one might have thought. The Early Adoption, Genesis Cycle, and Maturity Cycle are the three stages that all technologies go through. Marco believes that the Genesis Cycle, where most of the money can be made, is only months away for cryptocurrencies. Before the technology experiences significant growth, individuals might reap financial rewards for years after entering (with fluctuations along the way, of course).

Individuals who join Project Serenity can embark on a journey with a cryptocurrency and blockchain expert with decades of experience. Marco will make all decisions, and it is up to the members to decide whether to carry them out. The advantage of having such a support system is that the expert can help to reduce the impact of volatility on existing gains by providing frequent updates. The only disadvantage we see is the sticker price, which our editorial team believes is a little high for the benefits provided. To see in what ways Project Serenity might be superior to other investment newsletters, visit here! >>>


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