Luke Lango “Fourth Divergence” Alert [Innovation Investor Review]

In a recent interview, host Paul Ghiringhelli spoke live from the InvestorPlace headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland, with investor Luke Lango about the current market trends. In particular, the investor is believed to have stumbled upon a rare occurrence that hasn’t happened in nearly 14 years. Regardless of whether inflation is on the rise or the market crashes, individuals who act now could experience remarkable growth over the course of the upcoming year.

Surprisingly, Luke and his team have supposedly been following this trend for the past six months. Unexpectedly, Luke and his team claim to have been tracking this pattern for the last six months. They call it the “Divergence” because every time it has occurred, “It’s given regular folks a chance to put their retirement goals on hyperdrive.” he explains. Additionally, when it makes an appearance, the market price typically rebounds back to its initial value, producing enormous gains. Investors who are concerned by putting money into the bear market, Luke wants everyone to recall the 2008 financial crisis. He said:

“Well, let’s go back to 2008 – the last time we saw this pattern appear in stocks. As you know, that was an unbelievably bad year for the markets […] The S&P 500 dropped nearly 56% […] It was the worst crashes in U.S. history […] When you follow the true price, you see a different story altogether.”

So, where does all of this lead Luke Lango to? The specialist avows his team has found this pattern in numerous stocks. Are you curious about the stocks that were chosen?? The purpose of this review is to introduce Innovation Investor.

What is Innovation Investor?

Innovation Investor is a monthly research service headed by investor and editor, Luke Lango. Members will learn about low-risk winners within high growth sectors that entail electric and automated vehicles, the metaverse, and technologies governing 5G, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain. In order to actually help create an opportunity with a potential flood of money, Luke intends to dive deeper into all these technological advancements via Innovation Investor. In terms of risk, investors can expect to invest in mid- to large-cap stocks.


What does a membership to Innovation Investor comprise?

Investors who sign up right now will have the ability to review:

Special Report #1. The Fourth Divergence: Three Companies That Could Snap Back 100% or More In Next 12 Months

The three previous Divergence occurrences were in 1988, 2000, and 2008, making 2022 the most recent one to date. Luke will uncover information in this report about stocks that are worth investing in. The first stock, SOFI Technologies (SOFI), has an indicator rating of 177 points, signifying a return of at least 100% over the course of the following 12 months. If you think this is a lot, how much bigger are the three other equities in this report that have indicators of 390, 493, and 741? Apparently, the latter three could demonstrate returns ranging from 100% to 5000%.

Special Report #2. True Price: The Secret to Finding Undervalued Companies In A Bear Market

In the second report, Luke will go through the technical details of the crucial indicator that he uses to pinpoint the optimum entry points for Divergence stocks with the lowest possible risk and highest possible gain. The indicator is touted as a proprietary approach created by Luke and his colleagues to determine “true price” as well.

Special Report #3. The Divergence Portfolio Purge

Divergence has a flip side along with its positive side of explosion. According to Luke, it is possible to see clearly which stocks won’t make it through the bear market. As a result, he will provide a list of stocks that he refers to as “dumpster fire” in this special report. Investors who own any of these stocks or who intend to purchase any should actually sell them right away.

Special Report #4. The Project Titan Prospectus: How to Cash In On Apple’s Next Trillion-Dollar Product

Technically speaking, the fourth special report is an extra bonus containing information on what the expert refers to as “the hottest technology opportunity” on his desk. As stated in the speculations, Apple is getting ready to introduce a new product that may be 10 times larger than the iPad, MacBook, and iPhone put together. This initiative, known as “Project Titan,” is predicted to capture a $46 trillion market! Above all, Luke claims he has found a “back door” investment to give investors a chance at taking a substantial position in the investment in question.

This membership will also unlock conventional incentives such as:

  • All-year access to Innovation Investor, unleashing Luke’s suggestions, and 24/7 access to exclusive research reports
  • Access to the Innovation Investor model portfolio
  • Access to a private membership website with premium reports and back issues in addition to what was already mentioned
  • Daily or urgent updates on the stocks Luke is watching
  • Access to Innovation Investor Daily Notes full of in-depth analyses of stock market activity and more
  • Special Mystery Gift that happens to be locked behind a $2999 paywall
  • 365-day money-back guarantee

How much does a membership to Innovation Investor cost?

Innovation Investor memberships typically cost $199, however for a short period of time, people may access Luke’s research for just $29 annually. A 365-day money-back guarantee is also available, as was previously noted. The expert guarantees to return every single penny if his research doesn’t result in profits, provided the request is made within 365 days of the original purchase. For more information on the refund policy, contact customer support in one of the following ways:

  • Email: feedback@investorplace.com.
  • Phone: 1 (800) 219 8592 (Domestic) or 1 (717) 207 9729 (International)
  • Mailing Address: InvestorPlace, 1125 N. Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21201

Meet Luke Lango

Luke Lango works for InvestorPlace as a senior technology analyst. Because growth equities are his main area of interest, he has developed a solid reputation for spotting companies and cryptocurrencies with great upside potential. He learned about companies like Advanced Micro Devices, Shopify, Tesla, NIO, and Chegg in the last few years (all of which saw returns of more than 1000%).

That’s not all, his curiosity with the venture capital and technology startup industries coexists with his enthusiasm for investing. Some of his other notable accomplishments include earning an Economics degree from Caltech, working at the fintech startup Scoutables where he created cash flow optimization algorithms, and launching a boutique investment fund called L&F Capital Management, LLC.


Final Thoughts

One thing should be obvious from the analysis above: Luke Lango intends to benefit from the stock sales that accompany bear markets. Particularly now, when a recession may call for more drops in price, the yields are likely higher once a resurgence appears. Obviously, the current challenge is selecting from among the thousands of stocks available today. Fortunately, Innovation Investor is a must-buy subscription since it is based on Luke Lango’s proprietary indicator methodology, which displays the appropriate buy-in pricing in comparison to the stock’s true value. For investors looking to get a clear image of what the next year or two might hold for a company’s shares, this should be helpful. Above all, now is the ideal time to purge undesirable players from one’s model portfolio. Thus, the expert also intends to discuss in greater detail on this subject with his members. To learn more about the Fourth Divergence and Innovation Investor, click here>>>.


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