Lean Body Confidential Reviews – Does It Work? Real Fat Loss Trigger?

Ever come across BKS Iyengar’s saying, “Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind, and spirit?” If not, this sentence is the essence of our existence, our abilities, and most of all, achieving set goals. Speaking of goals, one that consumers usually focus on is weight management. While diet and exercise are highly appreciated for utmost weight loss, gain, and maintenance, an aspect that many fail to give importance to is the mind. This is where it is best to fit to introduce Chrissa, who claims her Lean Body Confidential system is the solution to one’s fat-related crises.

What makes her approach unique yet practical is how much she values not only nutrition and exercise but also the power of the mind, its link to pleasure and the body. Though the techniques are deemed simple and easy to execute, they are likely to have a lasting impression. The purpose of this review is to shed light on Lean Body Confidential and the difference it might make it one’s fat and weight loss journey.

What is Lean Body Confidential?

Lean Body Confidential is advertised as a revolutionary method that’s effective in helping women lose weight and inches off their waist. The foundation of this system supposedly entails a military fat-loss technique combined with fat-burning foods, means of revamping brain neural pathways linked to cravings and binge eating, and select movements through exercise. The creator of Lean Body Confidential, Chrissa, is hopeful that this program will enhance three “battle zones”: the mind, the mouth, and the body. Before exploring the entirety of the Lean Body Confidential program, let’s address the main problem that’s being targeted.

How does Lean Body Confidential work?

Lean Body Confidential considers the effects of hedonic hyperphagia on one’s mind, which is judged as the culprit of overeating urges, bad habits, and weight gain. Hedonic hyperphagia, also known as hedonic hunger, occurs when consumers eat for pleasure rather than satisfying actual hunger cries.

As per the researchers involved in a 2012 preliminary study, very little is known in terms of how eating behaviors vary. However, they hypothesized that the likes of the ghrelin hormone (i.e., hunger hormone) and endocannabinoids might be part of the problem. In the end, the team affirmed that their study suggested that “when the motivation to eat is generated by the availability of highly palatable food and not food deprivation, a peripheral activation of two endogenous rewarding chemicals [ghrelin and endocannabinoids] is observed.”

In an interesting piece by Nutrilite Health Institute’s Research Scientist, Dr. Micheline Vargas, DrPH, CNS, RCEP, it was disclosed that the brain creates memories in regard to our reaction to food, further noting that glutamate, an excitatory neurotransmitter, recalls these events. Most of all, she suggests that “pleasurable memories can lead to cravings and relapse.” As the brain continues to learn and adapt to such patterns, it gets bored, and as a result, consumers might need to ingest more to achieve a high level of pleasure.

With Lean Body Confidential, the main focus is to rewire the brain so that memory of “pleasurable foods” are replaced with healthy alternatives. In fact, Chrissa affirms that “there is a simple way to deactivate [the] ‘craving’ part of the brain [that] millions suffer in silence,” and it starts by introducing certain times of nutrients through food choices.

What is Lean Body Confidential composed of?

Inside the Lean Body Confidential sequence, individuals (primarily women), will be provided with step-by-step instructions on:

  • How to make and enjoy metabolism-boosting superfoods for all three meals of the day
  • Means of reprograming the tastebuds so that healthier alternatives are associated with pleasure
  • The impact that changes to one’s diet will bring on energy levels, belly bloat, skin health, sleep, and mental health among others
  • How to maximize fat-burning continuously, while cutting back intense cravings and overeating
  • How to incorporate a simple and smart eating cycle that accelerates the weight loss process

Aside from the eating and neural pathways-enhancing aspect of this program, individuals will be provided with four bonuses as seen below:

Bonus #1. Lean Body Confidential Fat-Detonating Movement Modification Guide

The Fat-Detonating Movement Modification Guide has been put together to account for consumers who might be struggling with joint and chronic pain. To limit such challenges from advancing, this respective guide includes all of the routines found in the original guide, but with certain tweaks. The end goal is to ensure that everyone executes and hits the right body movements.

Bonus #2. Lean Body Confidential 5-Minute Cellulite Blaster

Cellulite is a visible issue that most women face at some point in life. In fact, many people today embrace such signs as growth. However, for those who are still insecure about cellulite, this so-called blaster is simple, and requires no more than five minutes a day to gradually eliminate “embarrassing problem areas.” Chrissa insists that this remains “a client favorite!” even now.

Bonus #3. Lean Body Confidential Quickstarter Guide

The Lean Body Confidential Quickstarter Guide is a 2-in-1 guide that combines a manual and pre-planned calendar. In it, individuals will be introduced to all the necessary foundational steps and modifications that pushes everyone to complete the program. This is a program for all, regardless of “age, weight, fitness level, or environment.”

Bonus #4. Back to Life – 3 Stretch Pain-Free Video

Back to Life, 3 Stretch Pain-Free Video by Emily Lark is meant to support people who experience excruciating back pain. As suggested in the title, this video focuses on the power of three of the most effective stretches that can naturally put one’s lower, upper and middle backs, sciatica, neck, and shoulder pains at ease.

How much does Lean Body Confidential cost?

Lean Body Confidential and the above four bonuses combined are currently offered at $37 USD. Moreover, each purchase has been backed by a 100% 60-day money-back guarantee. It is as simple as voicing one’s concerns to customer service at support@leanbodyconfidential.com and waiting for the refund process to commence.

Final Verdict

All-in-all, Lean Body Confidential’s latest series called “The Breakthrough Fat Loss Trigger” is a system that focuses on improving the mind, and the body, while advising consumers on what to eat to lose weight. The main argument made by the creator and lead instructor, Chrissa, is that the brain needs rewiring so that it can disassociate itself with junk food that creates pleasure.

In order to achieve this, Chrissa appears to emphasize select exercises that strengthen one’s mindset. Up next, her “body” sequence involves movements that maximize one’s bodily function. Individuals can anticipate simple, yet effective exercises that only require a matter of minutes. Finally, in conjunction with the mind comes the type of fuel one relies on for energy purposes. Through the section dubbed “the mouth,” Chrissa will expound on nutrient-dense food that supports the metabolism.

All things considered, paying $37 USD for lifetime access is quite reasonable, if not inexpensive. Sure, there is no personalized aspect here, but at least, individuals will be educated on the steps they need to take to trigger a fat loss most healthily and realistically possible. In fact, there’s a lot of modifications that can be made, as consumers make progress. At the time of writing scarce information is available on Chrissa, aside from her being a wife to a military man.

Upon further investigation, we came across the Lean Body Confidential yoga edition and many others. After watching a couple of her videos, we were quite satisfied with the way she shifts from one exercise to the next (taking small steps) and the explanations she provides along the way. Hence, a positive experience can be expected from this newly available Lean Body Confidential system. To find out more about Lean Body Confidential and the potential it has to address three of the most powerful, yet difficult aspects of health to control, visit here>>

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