Jimmy Butts Capital Wealth Letter Review: Legit Crypto Research by StreetAuthority?

After months of speculation, investment banker Jerome Powell finally declared the existence of a recession and unemployment. You’d think that in such an environment, investors would pull back, but that’s not the case. Truthfully, many investors will see this as a chance to purchase low and sell high in the long run. In this regard, Jimmy Butts, chief investment strategist, insists that the large percentage of involvement has not been in stocks, gold, or treasures. Whether it be individual or institutional investors, everyone has been going beyond just eyeing the cryptocurrency market.

Jimmy expressly believes that the reason for such a shift is due to, “rising inflation, government money printing, supply shortages.” These issues have not only caused oil, coal, cobalt, nickel, and lithium prices to skyrocket, but people are also actively pursuing a complete transformation of the current money system, and cryptocurrencies are natural candidates. If this trend continues, Jimmy predicts unprecedented wealth-building opportunities. Imagine a well-known investor like Warren Buffett, who was previously opposed to cryptocurrencies, changing his mind!

Given that cryptocurrencies are the path that most people are going in, what actions can people take to seize this opportunity? Jimmy feels that he has many answers to provide, starting with three coins that have the potential to “unleash $3 trillion worth of wealth into the hands of everyday Americans.” Are you eager to begin this journey? However, a subscription to Capital Wealth Letter must first be obtained. The following review will cover Capital Wealth Letter in greater detail.

What is Capital Wealth Letter?

Capital Wealth Letter is an American-focused, financial research advisory led by editor, Jimmy Butts. This subscription-based research service provides subscribers with new cryptocurrency investment prospects monthly. Jimmy’s latest presentation made it extremely apparent that he has no intention of avoiding cryptocurrencies, regardless of the state of the market. Why? Because institutional investors are now fully invested.

With increasing usage, it won’t be long before cryptocurrencies become universally acknowledged. Naturally, the advantages are larger for those who create a suitable portfolio today. This is why signing up for the Capital Wealth Letter is invaluable.

What exactly does a Capital Wealth Letter membership entail?

Individuals who complete the subscription processes will gain access to the materials and other incentives listed below:

Special Report #1. 3 Coins That Could Put You on the Path to Becoming a Crypto Millionaire

Jimmy will go into detail about three coins in the main special report. His first choice is a banking cryptocurrency that exemplifies super-rapid payments and permits the digital movement of money, including equities, bonds, loans, and possibly mortgages. Major financial organisations are currently on board as well, with 400 of the biggest banks (including, but not limited to, Bank of America, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, American Express, VISA, and Mastercard) agreeing to use this cryptocurrency. The only thing stopping this cryptocurrency from taking off is waiting for government permission.

The second cryptocurrency is known as the “king of the blockchain” since it focuses on business transactions rather than financial ones. This could result in a significant reduction in paperwork. State Farm was the first company to use the cutting-edge technology, with Walmart, Microsoft, and Credit Suisse quickly following. Jimmy feels confident in his second choice because it has been scheduled to undergo a significant change this year to become 100 times more efficient than it is now.

The third coin, which Jimmy will discuss in this special report, is expected to eventually surpass the Internet in size. Among the millions of cryptocurrencies available today, it has already gained widespread acceptance. Why? At their checkout counters, Home Depot, Whole Foods, and Microsoft have already started using it. At some point, paying with this coin will be equivalent to tapping a card at the counter.

After reading Jimmy’s hint again, two things really struck out to us. He included predictions from Anthony Pompliano and billionaire Tim Draper for $250,000 by year end and Thomas Fitzpatrick of Citibank for $318,000 by year end. After further investigation, it became clear that the third coin mentioned by the expert is none other than Bitcoin.

Special Report #2. Crypto 101: How to Get Started with Cryptocurrencies in 10 Minutes

The second special report is a primer designed to assist those who have never previously invested in cryptocurrencies. Jimmy will essentially walk everyone through the process of signing up for a cryptocurrency exchange, transferring money from a conventional bank account to an exchange’s account, purchasing the 3 recommended cryptocurrencies, and safeguarding holdings.

Special Report #3. How to Buy Crypto Through Your Broker

The last special report provides information on how to immediately add cryptocurrency to a portion of an existing IRA, Roth IRA, or ordinary brokerage account. Jimmy asserts that he has discovered the fastest and simplest way to get going and will disclose what he knows.

Regarding the membership’s regular benefits, they include:

  • 12 monthly issues of Capital Wealth Letter, which comprises an in-depth analysis on all buy recommendations
  • 24/7 members-only website access which is where individuals will find the monthly issues, special reports, and crypto reports
  • Access to three model portfolios that include distinct categories of investment opportunities
  • Regular updates on all suggested positions and any noteworthy new opportunities
  • VIP concierge service
  • Weekly access to StreetAuthority Insider report at no extra charge
  • Bonus #1. How to Safely Grow Your Crypto Fortune
  • Bonus #2. The Secret to Multiplying Your Crypto Gains by as Much as 10X This Year
  • Bonus #3. The Hottest Investment Opportunities of 2022
  • Two guarantees

How much does a Capital Wealth Letter membership cost?

Normally, admission to Capital Wealth Letter would cost $199, but Jimmy is giving his services at a discounted fee of $39. For people who also want the three bonus reports mentioned above, a two-year subscription must be purchased for $78. Besides this, each purchase has also been backed by two guarantees.

The first is a 90-day money-back guarantee. If Jimmy’s proposals fail to generate profits within the first 90 days, customer support will issue a full refund. The second assurance is yet another promise of satisfaction. Jimmy specifically promises to cover members who aren’t satisfied even after the 90-day mark.

Meet Jimmy Butts

Jimmy Butts is a frequent contributor to StreetAuthority Insider and serves as the chief investment strategist for Maximum Profit and Top Stock Advisor. He previously worked as a financial advisor in the banking and financial services sector before choosing to join StreetAuthority. In terms of his area of expertise, Jimmy is well recognised for providing individuals with personalised retirement options.

His academic career was largely responsible for his success; he graduated from Boise State University with a degree in business administration and finance. He is also believed to have studied finance, linguistics, and international business for several years in both Germany and Buenos Aires, Argentina. If he has time away from financial records or books, Jimmy simply spends them in the great outdoors.

Final Verdict

Jimmy’s ultimate goal for Capital Wealth Letter is to highlight the promise that cryptocurrency trading has for both new and seasoned investors. The analyst currently sees value in three unique cryptocurrency ventures that will thrive even with fractional purchases. Our editorial team is sure that, among the three, Jimmy will recommend Bitcoin. Sadly, the remaining information is currently concealed and won’t be made available until after checking out. That said, our editorial team also believes that it is worthwhile to give Capital Wealth Letter a try because Jimmy and his colleagues not only intend to provide recommendations but also have a wealth of information available to further one’s education. The existence of two guarantees is a rare event in itself, how could anyone even think to disregard it? For more information on Jimmy Butts or Capital Wealth Letter, visit here! >>>


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