Home Doctor Practical Guide Reviews: Dr Maybell Nieves Medicine for Every Household

It’s a fundamental truth; health is wealth, and it should become your highest priority. Many people only become concerned about their health when they fall ill; health problems can be easily managed through health resources. Health resources help individuals stay updated on the best treatment options and medical programs or alternative medicine. If you might wonder where to find this resourceful information on health topics, you should consider the Home Doctor. The Home Doctor keeps you updated on the essential medical supplies and natural treatment remedies that can be applied and used at home. More information on what it is and how to purchase the Home Doctor is provided below.

What is the Home Doctor?

The Home Doctor is a wealth of health knowledge written by doctors and published by health professionals from several medical fields with hundreds of heath remedies and tips for self-care when individuals cannot get help from a doctor or health service. The health resources were published to make the users access helpful medical information if they cannot access medical assistance. The Home Doctor comprises three hundred and four pages that describe treatment options, natural medical remedies, and treatment plans. The Home is meant to reach people living in deserted areas who cannot access immediate medical care.

How does the Home Doctor work?

The Home Doctor guide consists of the most natural remedies that you can access from your garden or even nearby stores. The guide includes step-by-step guidelines, diagrams, and practical information. By using this information accordingly, you can settle on more straightforward and more effective treatment options.

Medical guidelines provided in the Home Doctor guide

How to create a cabbage wrap for treating inflammation

Wrapping cabbage leaves on a body part has been used over time to relieve joint pain. It contains healing compounds that drain any poisonous substance and pus in the affected areas. All you need to do is select fresh cabbage leaves and use an accommodating material to put them on the surface where inflammation is felt carefully. It is said that lactating mothers use cabbage leaves after breastfeeding to reduce the pressure felt in the breasts.

Fascinating home remedies that were used in the past

People used to rely on natural healing remedies that you might never have heard of but used by many in the past. Many people never had access to medical care or even medical supplies but still managed their health problems. Below are some of the natural treatment remedies that you can access from your home and manage your health condition;

  • Putting onion slices in your sock to relieve a cold and chest congestion
  • Rubbing onion juice on a body part with inflammation
  • Gargling warm water with salt to reduce irritation in the tonsils
  • Relieving fever with vinegar
  • Getting rid of skin rash and acne with tomato paste and turmeric
  • A natural antibiotic plant that you can access in your locality


According to the Home Doctor eBook, one of the highest requested and purchased medications is antibiotics. This is treated for infections, and you can get all the antibiotic benefits from a plant known as usnea. The book takes you through the part of the plant you need to harvest, its preparation, and how to use it. Having the plant in your garden would save you a lot of money and put you off risks related to inflammation and infections.

The rewards of having Listerine on hand

Most people purchase and use Listerine as an oral care product; however, it can be used as other natural remedies. Many medical professionals used it as an antiseptic when it was first formulated; now, it is used for many other health issues. Listerine was used as a surgical necessity in the past and can also treat diabetic foot problems, wounds, and other fungal infections. Attending to an injury before it becomes infected or worse is essential to avoid becoming a more extensive issue that might be difficult to treat:

There are several causes of ingrown nails that you should avoid;

  • A procedure for removing your ingrown nails
  • Injuring a toenail
  • Having curved toenails
  • Nail infections
  • Suffering from particular medical conditions
  • Wearing shoes that crowd the toenails

Other Valuable Health Information

Remedies that you can use to remove the ingrown toenails

Soak your feet in warm and soapy water; you can use apple cider vinegar as an alternative. With the help of cotton wool, apply antibiotic ointment with the help of tweezers; carefully pull out the overgrowing areas.

Understanding Arrhythmia and how chronic and dangerous it might be

Arrhythmia is an abnormal heart beating; it can be too slow or fast. If frequent, you should not mistake it due to psychological conditions such as stress and anxiety; this is necessary when not well handled can cause cardiac arrest.

Dental practices that you can handle without the help of a professional

Toothache can be unforgiving and intense at times, making it challenging for you to get through the night. These dental problems are caused by poor hygiene or the existence and growth of bacteria. Most dental problems can be managed through natural remedies that we can find at home.

For example, water and salt, when gargled, can heal gum diseases soothe sore throats, and by chewing mint leaves, it is a natural plant that can be easily located in your garden and grocery stores. The book guides you through the preparation of sage toothpaste, which has several dental benefits.

Medical benefits of leeches

There are medical professionals embracing leech as a form of therapy. Leeches break blood clots as well as increase blood circulation in the body. The plant also heals wounds and best-unblocked veins; this is all in pursuit of improving your cardiovascular health.

Health Benefits of Eggshells

Just as eggs, eggshells are the most significant source of calcium; other than throwing them away, eating them milled with flour would be a great source of calcium. Therefore, they contain anti-inflammatory benefits, keeping you healthy from infections and allergies. The Home Doctor eBook takes you through details on preparing eggshells for consumption. However, you should carefully wash them to avoid consuming bacteria. This is an excellent remedy for people suffering from a calcium deficit diet.

Stretches to relieve back and neck pains

Most health professionals usually recommend doing stretches before retiring to bed. This is especially if you are not subjected to physical body exercises and do not consider yourself fit enough. An excellent example of this is the child pose that you can comfortable do on a mat. The Home Doctor eBook takes you through several other stretching activities to keep you healthy and your body well streamlined. The stretches can also relieve lower back pain, a common problem experienced, especially when aging.

Managing skin conditions

According to a recent dermatology report, many people experience skin conditions every year. This is caused by the improper use of beauty products and poor lifestyle behaviors. This causes common skin conditions such as skin rashes, acne on the face, and swelling. Planting aloe vera in your backyard and using it on your skin would be a great way to manage some of these conditions.

Most people use aloe vera primarily as sunscreen; all you need to do is harvest mature aloe vera leaves and squeeze out the juice on a surface. With the help of your clean hands, you should massage the targeted skin area with a handsome amount of aloe vera gel.

Health management tips that you can expect from the Home Doctor guide

How to determine the source of abdominal pain

Abdominal pain is a rampant problem, especially in women; this results from gut-related issues such as inflammation, gas appendicitis, and pancreatitis. Due to trapped wind, period, or even urinary tract infections, women experience this too. The biggest problem that we make is rushing to get over-the-counter medication without adequately understanding why you are experiencing this. The Home Doctor eBook features information on identifying the cause of abdominal pain, when it should be taken seriously and how to handle it. This means that you are offered details about the cause of the problem to avoid future occurrences.

How to assess which migraine you are experiencing

Migraine is a consistent headache that feels like a throbbing sensation on either side of the head. Below are some of the symptoms to watch out for. Differentiate between a regular headache and a migraine; sensitivity to extreme light, nausea, and vomiting. There are several causes of migraine as follows;

  • Hormonal changes in women
  • Consistent use of pain-relieving medication
  • Consistent consumption of caffeine
  • Uncontrolled dieting
  • Emotional stress

The Home Doctor guide states that all these problems make you quickly identify and understand the right kind of medical relief.

Application of salt and oil for tooth and gum decay

If you often experience several dental problems, the Home Doctor guide is here for your rescue, and it offers a natural remedy to relieve your medical pain. Mix a pinch of turmeric with oil and mustard oil to develop a good mixture. Using your index figure, rub the mixture on your gums and teeth, give it around three minutes and keep your mouth closed. After this, ensure that you rinse your mouth properly.

Mustard oil and salt is a remedy that has been used for decades. It helps loosen the soluble bacteria in your teeth; if you have been experiencing stained teeth, you should expect them to brighten.

Application of a stick of gum for hurting ears

Through several clinical trials, it has been proven that chewing gum can reduce ear infections; this is mainly in early childhood. With a constant chewing motion, it helps to unblock your ears too. However, the Home Doctor guide discourages chewing gum for long, which might dislocate the jaws. Below are some of the signs and symptoms to check out for ear pain;

  • Ear pain, especially when lying down.
  • Hearing problems and hesitation in responding to different sounds
  • High fever with changes in temperature
  • How to keep your immunity high
  • Our poor lifestyle behaviors mainly cause a lack of solid immunity. Below are some of the things to practice to keep your immunity high;
  • Hydrate enough to ensure that your body functions effectively
  • Exercise regularly to keep your body fit and active
  • Acquire plenty of sleep to avoid psychological disorders
  • Consider taking herbal and plant-based meals to incorporate vitamins and minerals into your body.
  • Keep updated on the vaccines and supplements to take to improve your general body health.

Features of the Home Doctor

Written and Published by Health Professionals

The Home Doctor book is made by professionals who have previously been philanthropic enough to help people living in remote areas to acquire medical support. These medics are well versed in both the modern and traditional treatment methods. The Home Doctor guide goes ahead to provide details about natural remedies that you may need and how to prepare them.

Home Doctor is a physical and an eBook.

The Home Doctor is a physical eBook, making it easier to access and refer it for future use. It contains 304 pages and is carefully broken down for easy understanding. The most enticing thing about using this eBook is that there are diagrams and enough illustrations to make you comprehend the details provided well enough. This means that you do not need extra money to purchase the book or even upgrade it in any way.

Benefits of the Home Doctor

It contains easy and practical medical remedies

The Home Doctor guide makes treatment easy and convenient, especially for people living in remote areas. The eBook provides step-by-step directions that you easily read, understand, and use the ingredients to develop medical treatments. Unlike other medical options, you need to involve a medical professional. The Home Doctor guide is carefully broken down to make it easier for users to understand and implement. The diagrams and easy guidelines in the Home Doctor ebook make it easy for the user to settle on natural remedies and medication.

Medical professionals wrote and published the Home Doctor

The Home Doctor is an eBook written and published by three medical professionals; Doctor Rodrigo Alterio, Claude Davis, and Doctor Maybell Nieves. Below is everything you need to know about these health practitioners;

Doctor Rodrigo Alterio

Doctor Rodrigo has previously served patients even in remote areas, including the Amazon jungle. These areas mainly depend on relief assistance; there are no accessible roads or even means to reach the occupants of these areas. Despite the lack of medical care centers, Doctor Rodrigo still used his knowledge to treat the patients and used the experiences and medical remedies to develop the Home Doctor guide.

Doctor Maybell Nieves

Being a surgeon and senior health professional in pathology, the doctor’s contribution was felt when Venezuela faced an economic crisis, challenging enough to offer medical care to the citizens. Maybell’s methods have been accessed repeatedly and applied to treat different medical conditions.

Doctor Claude Davis

Doctor Claude Davis used the natural remedies used to treat illness in the past. This is because his hometown was said to have relied on natural treatment methods; this includes herbal medicine therapies. With the research and assessment made by this doctor, some of the insights are shared in the Home Doctor eBook.

It is meant for people who cannot easily access medical care.

The Home Doctor guide is meant for people living in remote areas and highly populated areas with minimal medical care centers. This eBook features natural remedies that can be accessed from a nearby store or your garden. The Home Doctor is effective for people in marginalized areas and those with low finances to care for their medical needs. The book features step-by-step instructions and colorful images that allow you to gather exactly what is needed for each health concern.

Is the Home Doctor for you?

The Home Doctor guide is a resourceful health guide ideal for anyone who wants access to quick and reliable medical remedies. Natural remedies were primarily used in the past and proven safe and secure for human application. Purchase the Home Doctor eBook today and access resourceful and practical health guidelines.


Q. What does the Home Doctor eBook comprise of?

A. The Home Doctor guide consists of 307 pages with which details about natural medical remedies are provided. They are broken down to ensure that the user makes the right ingredients of the treatment mentioned in the book. These resources are the best for use since most of the natural treatment methods provided have been previously tried and proved best for use.

Q. How do consumers acquire the Home Doctor eBook?

A. You can acquire the Home Doctor guide online, either in printed or digital form. The prices differ too, so ensure that you have your preferred options before purchase. For the digital form eBook, you can print it out yourself.

Q. Does the team offer a money-back guarantee?

A. The Home Doctor team offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, and you should contact them with the exact purchase details you used and be updated on the refund.

Home Doctor Pricing

Consumers can purchase the Home Doctor for $37.00 on the official website; It can be purchased as a digital eBook or in a physical printed form. The printed versions are $37.00 each with a shipping fee of $8.99; the digital version of Home Doctor is also $37.00 and can be accessed upon completion of payment.

The creators offer a full refund policy of 60 days for those who are not satisfied and can be contacted by email at:

  • Contact Address: Digistore24 Inc 360 Central Avenue Suite 800 St. Petersburg, FL 33701 United States
  • Email: helpdesk@digistore24.com

All purchases of the Home Doctor come with free bonuses:

Bonus eBook 1: Wild Edibles you can find around your house

Purchasing the eBook gives you access to the following bonus eBooks;

By reading this eBook, you are detailed enough on all the plants grown to replace any herbs or vegetables that we mostly purchase from the grocery stores. The guidelines provided can help you develop a way to raise the herbs from your backyard; it helps save money and stay healthy.

Bonus eBook2: Natural healing secrets that were used in the past

The Home Doctor eBook is the perfect book to guide you on harvesting these plants and transforming them into helpful medical resources. Since the entire book shares details about natural healing remedies in North America, you are updated on how these natural remedies were used and their relevance to general body health. The biggest challenge is how to identify them and how to settle on them in their original form.

About Home Doctor

The Home Doctor is a physical three hundred and four eBook written by three medical professionals. The medics introduced fast and effective ways to get treatment at home. People in remote areas find accessing the medical facilities difficult; the guide takes you to the different natural remedies to try out and how to settle on them. You can purchase the Home Doctor eBook today and enjoy the other two eBooks offered as a bonus and increase your natural healing expertise.

Final Word

In our households, falling ill and minor accidents is everyday things. We all need to have the basic medical knowledge to handle health problems. Natural healing remedies might have been downgraded but still stand out as the best, affordable and effective. Also, if you live in marginalized areas, you can attest that one of the rampant problems is medical care. The Home Doctor eBook is a handy solution; the book is written and published by doctors in a 304-page guide that’s filled with the fastest and most efficient natural medical care. Click here to Purchase the Home Doctor eBook today and upgrade your health with realistic medical practice and essential tips.


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