GoldCo Reviews: Effective Platform?

GoldCo is a well-established company designed to make it easy for individuals to invest in gold IRAs, an offering that could prove very beneficial for someone planning their retirement. This Woodland Hills, California-based company makes it simple for people to invest their retirement funds in gold and other precious metals like silver.

Founded in 2006 and with thousands of excellent reviews, GoldCo may be exactly what you need to secure your future as you grow into retirement. The company has endorsements from media personalities like Sean Hannity. It also has been rated as a AAA company by the Business Consumer Alliance and A+ company by Better Business Bureau.

With GoldCo’s free kit, which can be requested by intending customers, it is easy to learn about GoldCo and how gold IRAs work.

How GoldCo’s Gold IRA Works

It is no news that the US Dollar has become 98% less valuable since 1971, meaning that savings in dollars are not exactly the wisest investments. But with GoldCo’s Gold IRA offering, individuals may now have an opportunity to save their wealth in an innovative and stable manner. The fact that gold has retained its purchasing power over the years proves that gold IRAs are better than dollar savings. The company even goes further to assure potential customers that with the gold IRA, it is possible to top investments in Dow Jones and even the famed S&P 500.

There are only three simple steps to begin enjoying the benefits of GoldCo’s gold IRA. These are:

Open a gold IRA: To begin benefiting from GoldCo’s offerings, customers have to start by opening a gold IRA, agreeing to the company’s terms and conditions, and signing an agreement to confirm the purchase. This step should be easy to achieve, but when there is a need for assistance, the company has reps available to guide customers who want to sign up.

Fund the Gold IRA: Funding the self-directed IRA is the next step after opening. Investing in gold and some other non-traditional assets can be done through a gold IRA, and it is an effectively self-directed IRA. With GoldCo, individuals may enjoy better returns than government bonds and company stocks. Customers can transfer funds from their retirement accounts, such as other IRA accounts, 401(k) accounts, TSP accounts, 403(k) accounts, or savings accounts. The best part of this investment is that customers make wise investments and bypass taxes while holding on to their assets by transferring the funds.

Buy Gold and Other Precious Metals: GoldCo’s gold IRA is an offering that gives customers the incredible opportunity to pick the exact kind of precious metals they want to invest in. The different types of treasured metals products customers may invest in with GoldCo include Gold coins, gold bullions, and others.

GoldCo IRA Approved Gold Products

With GoldCo, customers can legitimately buy and hold a diverse offering of authorized gold IRA coins. The company claims to do this more efficiently than other companies offering the same products and services.

Regulation requirements dictate that gold coins must carry a minimum of 0.995 fineness, and GoldCo’s IRA-approved gold coins most certainly meet this criterion. In its efforts to provide the best products and services to its customers and ensure that the fineness criteria are met, the company collaborates with mints in Australia, Canada, the USA, and other parts of the world.

GoldCo’s authorized gold IRA products are discussed below:

Gold American Eagle Type 1: The name pretty much gives this one-off. This asset is available in various weights, from 0.1 oz through 0.250oz, 0.5oz, and 1oz. The Gold American Eagle Type 1 was first manufactured and distributed by the US Mint in 1986, and it’s an excellent investment. The US Mint makes this coin, and it was first made in 1986. The Gold American Eagle Type 1 is recognized as the official gold bullion coin of the USA.

Gold American Eagle Type 2: The Gold American Eagle Type 2 spots a different image from the Gold American Eagle Type 1. This coin is also made from 22 karat gold but has a unique design to set it apart.

Gold American Eagle Proof: Crafted from 1oz of 22 karat gold. The Gold American Eagle Proof is IRA approved and comes in four distinct variants of 0.1oz, 0.250z, 0.5oz, and 1oz.

Gold Liberty Coin: This $25 coin carries the pictures of Queen Elizabeth II and Philadelphia’s Liberty Bell. The Gold Liberty Coin is one made in the New Zealand Mint.

Gold Australian Striped Marlin: This coin is a legal tender made from 99.99% pure gold. The Gold Australian Striped Marlin is made in Australia by the Perth Mint.

Gold Maple Leaf: This coin was initially created by the Royal Canadian Mint and introduced into the market in 1979 in Canada with 1oz of 0.9990 pure gold. This gold IRA-approved coin is also a fantastic product from GoldCo.

American Gold Buffalo: This 24-karat gold bullion IRA-approved coin is another GoldCo product minted in the United States of America by the US Mint. The American Gold Buffalo is made from 0.9999 pure gold.

Gold American Bald Eagle: With the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, Gold American Bald Eagle represents the second Australian Perth minted GoldCo on this list. Meanwhile, the Gold American Bald Eagle is made with 0.25oz of 0.9999 gold and a bald eagle on the other side of the product.

Gold Military Guinea: This gold IRA-approved coin was minted from 0.25oz of 0.9999 pure gold by London’s East India Company to pay tribute to a previous coin.

Gold Freedom Coin: The Gold Freedom Coin is a New Zealand minted coin symbolizing freedom. The coin celebrates the 135th dedication anniversary of the Statue of Liberty.

Gold Freedom and Hope: Crafted to mark the 245th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, this is the first Royal Dutch minted coin on this list. The Gold Freedom and Hope coin weighs 0.25oz and is made from 0.9999 pure gold.

Gold Lucky Dragon: The Gold Lucky Dragon is minted by the Royal Canadian Mint with 0.25oz of 0.9999 pure gold. This coin is regarded as a lucky charm and is revered in the market.

Gold Australia Saltwater Crocodile: This GoldCo product is yet another that the Perth Mint makes. The coin passes as a legal tender and may be known as the Australian Saltwater Crocodile.

Gold British Lunar Series: This is one unique coin that is a product of the Royal Mint. The Gold British Lunar Series spots a new design hinged on the Chinese Zodiac signs every year. Like many of the coins on this list, this coin is also minted from 0.25oz of 0.9999 pure gold.

Gold Bars: This product category for individual retirement accounts comprises IRA eligible gold bars with purity levels of 0.9999.


Other GoldCo Products

Silver Coins: GoldCo also has two high-quality silver coins minted from 1oz of 0.999 pure silver from various mints, notably in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. This offering demonstrates that the company seeks to transcend gold-based investments, and most notable among these coins are the Silver American Eagle Type 1 and Type 2.

Silver Bars: Much like their gold counterparts, with a fineness of up to 0.9999, these silver bars are said to be among the best in the market.

Chuck Norris’ Five Principles: This product is a unique product offered only by GoldCo. The Chuck Norris’ Five Principles are silver coins minted by the New Zealand Mint from 1oz of silver. Chucks Norris is an essential product because of what it symbolizes; the product represents faith, freedom, fitness, family, and fight.

Note: GoldCo boasts of offering its clients a becharming benefit with its buyback pricing policy. GoldCo claims its buyback policy is the best as clients will be provided with the most extensive possible returns.

Customers should also note that the company does not have products based on palladium or platinum.

GoldCo Fees and Pricing

Given the perks to enjoy GoldCo, it is expectedly more expensive to buy from GoldCo. GoldCo’s minimum investment requirement is relatively higher than other gold IRAs but is relatively transparent. However, in good faith and in an attempt to make its product more accessible, the company does not charge new clients any fees for the first year.

The company’s pricing and fee structure is broken down below:

  • Minimum investment: $25000
  • Yearly Fees: $180/year plus storage fees
  • Bonuses: New clients enjoy a 10% rebate in silver coins and do not have to pay any fees for the first year.

Advantages and Disadvantages of GoldCo

Deciding if GoldCo is the best service for you is not always a straightforward option and may depend on individual requirements. It becomes necessary to critically consider the advantages and disadvantages of GoldCo’s offerings. Some of these advantages and disadvantages are considered below:


  • GoldCo generally has impressive customer service that promises an excellent experience.
  • GoldCo makes it easy to invest in gold IRAs, even for those without much knowledge about such investments.
  • New customers get to enjoy some excellent incentives, such as not having to pay service fees for the first year and a 10% rebate on silver coin purchases.
  • The company offers high buyback rates to allow customers to enjoy the most profits.
  • The company provides honest advisors for customers to consult.
  • The company has a wide range of IRA-approved products based on gold and silver coins and bars for customers to choose from.


  • Customers must have at least $25000 to invest with the company
  • GoldCo only offers products based on gold and silver and does not offer palladium or platinum coins.

Customer Reviews about GoldCo:

  • Reviewers on Google have cumulatively rated GoldCo a whopping 4.7-star rating.
  • The Better Business Bureau has given GoldCo an A+ rating.
  • Trustpilot rates the company as a 4.8-star company
  • GoldCo provides representatives that make customer onboarding very easy.
  • Customers of GoldCo often express satisfaction with the quality of support they enjoyed from GoldCo. The company sales staff and customer support representatives have been reported as top-notch.
  • People who have used GoldCo’s rollover service say it’s straightforward.

Intending customers need to have a five-fold higher minimum commitment before investing with GoldCo.

On a general note, GoldCo promises to give its customers the best gold IRA product and service experience possible. The company has many positive reviews from customers who have enjoyed investing in the company. If you find any products to meet your minimum requirement, you may discover that GoldCo is the right option.

Contact GoldCo

  • Email Form: https://goldco.com/contact-us/
  • Email: info@goldco.com
  • Mailing Address: 21215 Burbank Blvd, Suite 600, Woodland Hills, CA 91367
  • Phone: 855-483-1718


It may be wise for you to invest a part of their retirement funds in gold, silver, or other precious metals. It is no news that the buying power of the dollars continues to decrease over the years while the value of precious metals has been on an upward trend over the years, even outperforming government bonds and the S&P 500. GoldCo is a well-known supplier of gold-backed individual retirement accounts (IRAs), making it easy for customers to get started. To learn more about GoldCo and how it works, visit the official website by clicking here! >>>


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