FloraBrite By Brightology Review (Solar Flower Lights)

Are you a proud owner of a well-kept lawn with gorgeous flowers and plants?

It must be delightful to look at all that natural beauty during the daytime. But while your garden looks immaculate when the sun is still shining, what do you do when night falls?

All your hard work and gardening efforts end up going to waste! Most people resort to installing tedious garden accent lighting that looks boring while also setting back thousands of bucks. However, this one solution will make your lawn look out of this world without being a burden on your pocket. The enchanting FloraBrite accent lights are perfect for lawn, garden, yard, or driveway. Please read our review below to find out our thoughts on the product.

What Is FloraBrite by Brightology?

We all want a yard that looks just as amazing during the night as it does during the day. So, we turn to add lights around the space to make it look alive during the evenings. However, installing wired lights in a yard or garden only creates a tangled mess and doesn’t make your place look anything beyond ordinary.

But now you can change that with FloraBrite!

FloraBrite is accent lights intricately crafted in the shape of a flower to make your yard look like an enchanted fairy garden. The glow of color emanating from these realistic-looking FloraBrite lily flowers is perfect for making any yard look beautiful and inviting at any time of the day.

What Makes FloraBrite Special?

FloraBrite lights have certain features that make them stand out from the crowd:

Unique Design

The realistic appearance of FloraBrite sets it apart from any other accent light available on the market. The lily-shaped flowers of FloraBrite are made from sturdy weather-protected materials to make them last throughout the year. The design even lets you bend FloraBrite like natural flowers while letting you select from seven different colors.

Wireless Solar Powered Battery

The long-lasting battery included in FloraBrite is supplied with a solar panel for easy recharging. There is no need to plug in any wires or chargers; FloraBrite charges by itself during daylight hours.

Easy Setup

With FloraBrite, you don’t have to spend countless hours planning where you want to install your accent lights. Decorating the yard with these lights is literally as easy as just sticking them in the ground, and voila, you are done!

Their easy-to-install setup lets you conveniently customize your yard lighting whenever and however you like.

Automatic Lighting Feature

The floral lights come with an automatic turn-on and off feature. FloraBrite turns off and charges during the day. And when it turns dark at dusk, the lights turn on without having to switch them on every time.

Florabrite Specifications

Each FloraBrite light comes with a 600mAh Ni-MH rechargeable battery. A solar panel of 2V is included in the product’s design to enable charging via solar energy. The battery runs for up to eight hours in one go and takes the same amount of time to charge to 100% during the day fully.

A color-changing RGB LED bulb is fixed in FloraBrite to offer you seven different colors options. The lily-shaped flower design is made from cloth, while the stake that goes into the ground is made from stainless steel. Both materials are weather-proof and are not prone to damage when left out in the open.

FloraBrite Pricing

At the moment, FloraBrite is available on the manufacturer’s official website. Place your order online, and your order will be delivered to your doorstep.

FloraBrite is sold in pairs; hence you can get the two-pack Florabrite set for just $96. However, the product’s website currently has an amazing 55% off sale going on the platform, letting you get the two-pack for only $49.98! This price also includes shipping fees, so you save extra cash on each purchase. Plus, the more FloraBrites you buy, the bigger the discount you get.

A 30-day money-back guarantee backs Florabrite Flower Lights. Customer service is available for further information via:

  • Email: support@trybrightology.com
  • Phone: 949-502-0150

FloraBrite FAQs

Q: How many colors are available in FloraBrite accent lights?

A: The FloraBrite lights by Brightology are available in seven unique shades. What’s more, each piece comes with a special fade feature that makes the product even more exciting. When this mode is turned on, the lights continuously cycle between all seven colors.

Q: How do you recharge the lights?

A: The FloraBrite accent lights use solar power to recharge their battery. A solar panel installed at the bottom of the flower design automatically charges the device while the sun is out. This wireless recharging system makes it a dream to recharge the lights without the hassle of wires or electricity.

Q: How many FloraBrite lights do I need for my home?

A: The fact that you can easily install FloraBrite means you can practically use them anywhere you like. They can be in the flowerbeds, along the sides of any pathways, or around trees; your imagination only limits you. While you can buy as many or few as you like, most customers prefer to buy the eight-pack FloraBrite to make their yard look enchanting.

FloraBrite Summary

If you’re passionate about making your yard look at its best, no matter what time of the day, you need FloraBrite in your life!

With the beauty of natural flowers and unique lighting features, FloraBrite is the perfect ornament to make any yard, lawn, garden, courtyard, porch, or patio look a hundred times better all day long. While real flowers are not visible during the dark and wilt with time, FloraBrite will have your outdoor space looking fabulous all year round!


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