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Tinnitus is a medical term referring to an annoying and sometimes painful ringing or buzzing noise in the auditory canal. The sounds do not emanate from external sounds, and only patients with tinnitus can perceive these sounds.

Some people experience a roaring, whistling, buzzing, or hissing sound. Medical experts call the tinnitus noise “phantom sounds” because no one except the patient can perceive them.

Studies indicate that phantom sounds can affect a person’s mental and physical wellness. Depending on the severity, some people may develop sleep issues, stress, depression, and anxiety.

Experts claim that damage to specific brain parts and the inner ear can result in tinnitus. For example, people living in places with a high level of noise pollution and those that listen to music via earphones may suffer from phantom sounds at specific points in their lives. Other causes of tinnitus include age-related hearing loss, high cholesterol levels, stress, muscle spasms in the middle ear, poor ear hygiene, and injuries to the head and neck.

Ring Defense Pro is an oral dietary formula comprising various bioflavonoids, minerals, and other nutrients to help resolve tinnitus. Is the formula safe? How does Ring Defense Pro work?

About Ring Defense Pro

Ring Defense Pro is an oral dietary supplement with ingredients supporting ear health. The ear support formula is supposedly safe and designed to maintain the functions of the auditory system. In addition, the developer claims the formula can save users from expensive ear surgery and treatments.

Empower Health Labs are the manufacturer of the Ring Defense Pro. The company manufactures all its supplements in a facility that follows certified Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), which means they follow strict health and safety procedures.

The ear health supplement is said to comprise natural and evidence-based ingredients. It has zero GMOs, fillers, binders, and other unnecessary chemicals.

Ring Defense Pro capsules are small and easy to swallow. In addition, the formulator states that the natural-based ingredients are unlikely to give users any side effects. Similarly, Ring Defense Pro users will likely notice optimal results after taking the supplement for 90-180 days.

How Does Ring Defense Pro Support Ear Health?

Tinnitus is more common in the elderly; however, anyone can suffer from phantom sounds regardless of age. Oxidative stress, inflammation, ear damage, and exposure to sound pollution increase the risk of tinnitus.

According to the manufacturer, Ring Pro Defense has the correct proprietary blend to eliminate nasty phantom sounds. Per the official website, the formula can treat the neural pathways in the brain and ears hence offering optimal hearing. Similarly, Ring Defense Pro nourishes the ear and brain cells, thus boosting their functions. It also revitalizes the sensory hair cells, improving sound sensitivity and eliminating nasty tinnitus sounds.

The bioflavonoids, vitamins, and minerals in Ring Defense Pro can combat oxidative stress, restoring the brain and eardrum functions. Further, it heightens the neural connections between the brain and auricles, improving sound perception and managing phantom sounds.

Ring Defense Pro also strengthens the overall immune system, thus protecting various ear parts from infections and unhealthy inflammation. Likewise, the proprietary ear support formula amplifies blood circulation between the brain and ear. Optimal vascularity allows the cells to get ample nutrients and oxygen for healthier sound perception.

Ring Defense Pro Ingredients


Empower Health Labs state that they use superior quality and pure ingredients in the manufacturing of Ring Defense Pro. Each capsule comprises the correct clinical dosages for maximum efficacy. The active ingredients include:

Citrus Bioflavonoid

Citrus bioflavonoid is the star ingredient in Ring Defense Pro. Multiple clinical studies show that bioflavonoids are essential in improving the immune response. In addition, citrus bioflavonoids comprise powerful anti-inflammatory features to augment ear and brain health.

Citrus Bioflavonoid also improves heart health by heightening blood circulation. Also, the compounds work by reducing unhealthy triglycerides, balancing blood pressure, and vasodilating the blood vessels.

Ring Defense Pro strengthens the neural pathways between the brain and ears in managing tinnitus. In addition, it can fight free radicals that cause cellular damage. Similarly, Ring Defense Pro suggests that it may reduce stress and support quality sleep.

Ginkgo Biloba

The Gingko Biloba plant is common in Europe and is scientifically proven to have neuroprotective properties. Today, the duck foot tree is used for its therapeutic benefits globally. Scientists agree that ginkgo Biloba can boost cognitive skills, including mental sharpness and memory. In addition, the therapeutic trees can lower stress levels and improve sleep cycles.

Ginkgo Biloba may also improve tinnitus symptoms by heightening blood flow between the cerebral and cochlear. The antioxidants in the duck foot tree may also protect the cells from damage by free radicals.


Garlic is a popular kitchen ingredient. Additionally, Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine use garlic to manage various health issues. For example, it has antibacterial properties and is thus effective in controlling the common cold, flu, and upper respiratory health issues.

Ring Defense Pro makers use it to lower unhealthy oxidative stress and combat the effects of free radicals on cells. Additionally, the creators state that garlic may manage ear infections and restore ear functions due to its powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

Magnesium Oxide

The brain uses chemicals such as hormones and enzymes to perform its neural functions. Magnesium oxide is crucial in facilitating brain enzymatic functions. In addition, Ring Defense Pro argues that it can regulate other mineral ions crucial in neurotransmission. Similarly, magnesium oxide may lower painful earaches.

Ascorbic Acid

Ascorbic acid supports detoxification and may manage oxidative stress. It works by heightening the immune response and improving cellular health. In addition, vitamin C can boost blood flow, thus facilitating better ear and brain health.

Vitamin B12

Like other vitamins, B12 can amplify the immune system, allowing the body to eliminate infections naturally. It also aids in managing oxidative damage. Some studies have shown that people with a B12 deficiency often suffer from tinnitus.

Vitamin B1

Vitamin B1 supports brain health and improves neural pathways. Research shows that it can enhance cognitive skills, including motivation, focus, and creativity. Vitamin B1 can also protect the cells from free radicals.

Pantothenic Acid

Ring Defense Pro claims that pantothenic acid can strengthen neural connections between the nerves, brain, and ear cells. As a result, it can amplify better communication and protect users from tinnitus. Similarly, pantothenic acid can augment anti-inflammatory responses.

Vitamin B2

Vitamin B2 can enhance the enzymatic actions in the brain. Further, it may boost cellular health and develop various metabolic reactions. Ring Defense Pro state that it can address the unhealthy inflammations and free radicals that cause tinnitus.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is essential in improving cell regeneration and repair. It can also stabilize the glycemic index and blood pressure. Likewise, Vitamin B6 increases metabolic rates, thus improving the energy levels in the brain and ear cells for optimal functioning. It can also benefit cognitive health and alleviate mental fatigue.

Features and Benefits of Ring Defense Pro

  • It claims to eliminate tinnitus by treating the root cause
  • Ring Defense Pro supports cellular health and expands their functions
  • It can boost the neurotransmission between the cerebral and ears, leading to better sound perception
  • It may protect users from age-related hearing loss
  • Ring Defense Pro supports nervous health and can heighten cognition
  • It comprises bioflavonoids, vitamins, and minerals that help immunity
  • It can eliminate stress and anxiety, thus improving sleep quality

Ring Defense Pro Dosage

Empower Health Labs recommends that users take two Ring Defense Pro capsules daily. The product is a natural dietary supplement that can support ear health. Therefore, there are zero chances of Ring Defense Po causing any nasty side effects. Nonetheless, you should not use it if you are pregnant, nursing, or under 18. Also, you should consult your physician before use if you are being treated for serious medical conditions or using prescription medications.

Pricing and Availability

Ring Defense Pro is only available from the official website. Customers do not require a prescription to purchase the product. However, empower Health Labs recommends purchasing the 3-6 month supply for maximum results.

  • Buy one for $120
  • Buy two for $59.95 each
  • Buy four for $49.95 each

Each Ring Defense Pro bottle comes with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. However, customers should read the refund policy on the official website before placing an order. You can contact customer service via one of the following methods:


Final Word

Ring Defense Pro addresses the root cause of tinnitus or the “phantom sounds.” It has various vitamins, bioflavonoids, minerals, and other nutrients to address the root of constant ringing in the ear.

Ring Defense works by rejuvenating and strengthening the neural connection between the brain and ears. It also nourishes the cells and improves blood circulation, thus supporting better ear health. Ring Defense Pro is natural, and consumers using it for 3-6 months are sure to get optimal results. Visit the official website to order your supply of Ring Defense Pro today!



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