Danette May’s 21-Day Attract Your Soul Mate Challenge Review: Is It Worth It?

Every man and woman desire to find a partner to have a happy life together. Unfortunately, attracting a soul mate that will not disenchant you isn’t easy. Most people are drawn to their lovers for the wrong reasons leading to a loveless marriage or frustrating divorces. Danette May is a Certified Nutritionist, Relationship Coach, and Workout Instructor. She has developed various programs to augment people’s physical and emotional well-being, including weight-loss supplements and workout plans.

In addition, she is the author of several books that can bring positive vibes to your life. Her 21-Days Attract Your Soul Mate Challenge is the newest program promising to help you attract a perfect soul mate. What is it? How does it work? Is it effective? Continue reading this review to determine whether it is worth investing in Danette May’s 21-Days Relationship Challenge!

What is 21-Days Attract Your Soul Mate Challenge?

Danette May reasons that most people fail in relationships to bring past traumas and pain to new beginnings. If your inner self is in turmoil, you attract a soul mate with unhealed wounds. In short, “We Attract Who We Are.The 21-Days Relationship Challenge promises to heal past wounds and trauma, therefore, making room for you to draw love instead of pain.

In addition, you will learn about foods that boost your physical and sexual energy, making you bubble in life and making it easy to find a seamless lover. Equally, Danette promises to take you through exercises that augment your sexual health. Also, the program includes an ancient Japanese meditation routine that helps you bond with the universe and assists you in locating a textbook partner.

How Does the 21-Days Attract Your Soul Mate Challenge Work?

The program runs for 21 days and is separated into three phases to ensure your body, mind, and soul are ready to locate true love. The phases include:

Phase 1 – Self-Love and Healing

Most people coming out of an unhealthy relationship usually blame themselves for their failure. Consequently, most folks forget the art of loving themselves. After a hurtful breakup, it is easy to add weight and lose focus on things that matter. Danette May insists that you must learn to love yourself to attract the right person. Additionally, this phase aims at healing past traumas and wounds.

Danette offers tricks and tips to move on and erase past sorrows. Equally, the phase involves eating foods that can accelerate your sexual energy. A better sensual drive is essential in seeking a partner that can meet your demands. Similarly, the creator expects you to engage in exercises that relax your body and mind, increasing vibrancy and energy.

Phase 2 – Healing Process

Most people seem to attract specific kinds of partners, for example:

  • Those that cheat
  • Those who are in it for money and power
  • Those who do not love and adore their partner for what they indeed are

According to Danette, the second phase primarily focuses on healing and eliminating the dark and sad shadows of the past. Consequently, you will be able to “find yourself.” Without past scars, wounds, and pain, you become a new and whole person, and new love will come to you for who you are. Most people fail in relationships since they look for partners who can help them forget the past. However, such relationships are bound to fail, as there is zero love. Instead, you attract empathy, which cannot be equated to love.

Phase 3 – Visualization and Meditation

Most soul mates reveal that their partner is “all they want,” meaning they attracted the picture-perfect person. Danette May explains that ancient Japanese used meditation to create a soul mate. You make mental notes on the person you want through meditation and visualization. An ideal partner aligns with your body and desires. You establish a universal connection and bond that makes you have a meaningful relationship.

Bonus – How to have Complete Conversations Course

Communication is the seal that keeps a relationship healthy. One-sided conversations send wrong messages leading to confusion and breakups. Danette May claims that the course helps you accept your partner with arms wide open. You will settle for nothing short of raw, energetic, and passionate connection personally.

What is inside the 21-Days Attract Your Soul Mate Challenge

1. 3 Video Lessons separated into three phases

All three videos focus on improving yourself and preparing your body, soul, and mind for new relationships. In addition, the videos will make you glow with energy and vibrancy, making it easy to find a perfect partner in less than 21 days.

2. 2 Transformational Meditation Audios

The audios can help you let go of the past trauma and pain to focus on new connections. They rewire your subconscious and help you love yourself above loving anyone else. They are 5-10 minutes long, and you can listen to them in the comfort of your home.

3. 2 Follow Along with Workout Videos

The workout lessons can transform your body and increase your sexual prowess. Consequently, they make you attractive, thus boosting your esteem and self-confidence.

4. The I am Sexy Meal Plan

A systematic meal plan can eliminate chronic inflammations and improve your sexual drive. Better sexual moods and vitality makes you irresistible to your partner.

5. The Ancient Japanese Mediation

Danette warns that the meditation ritual is profound and should only be used when mentally ready. However, ancient Japanese meditation can help you locate your soul mate quickly.

6. Magnetizing Journal Print out Prompts

It includes a morning and evening ritual that conditions your subconscious to charm your soul mate.

7. 2 Recorded Questions and Answers Calls

The calls allow you to listen to answers to questions you may have and what to expect throughout the 21-days.

8. How to Have Complete Conversations Course

It equips you with the right communication tools to help you get the love you wish.


Danette May sells the 21-Days Attract Your Soul Mate Challenge for $47. She claims that the price symbolized a phase in her life when she almost gave up. You can purchase the program exclusively on her official website, DanetteMay.com or EarthEchoBliss.com. Additionally, Danette protects your investment with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Final Thoughts

Danette May’s 21-Days Attract Your Soul Mate can help you get a life partner. It has the right tools to improve your body, soul, and mind so you can attract a companion ready to love.

To learn more about this program and insights on how it can help you attract your soulmate, be sure to visit the official website for more information.