Dan Hollings The Plan [Review] The Grid Bot Gold Crypto Truth Revealed!

The Plan by Dan Hollings is an online training session that shows users how to improve how their cryptocurrency investment benefits their financial portfolio with minimal work. The event is free to attend.

What is “The Plan”?

Anyone who has taken the time to delve into the possibilities of the cryptocurrency world knows that it takes a little effort and attention to make money truly. Newcomers to this industry often struggle to find the balance they need to get ahead, but Dan Hollings has a plan. More specifically, he has The Plan to help users understand his strategies to make money from cryptocurrency.

This event creates a unique opportunity for consumers to learn about crypto trading in real-time, demonstrating how individuals of all skill levels can get started today to make a difference in their routine. The Plan is his strategy, which uses a technique that Dan calls the Wiggle Factor. This algorithm focuses on timing the rapid movements of the crypto industry to create profits with minimal effort. His method isn’t a powerful solution, as Dan refers to it as a “conservative” approach to achieving modest trading revenue.

Registration for the event can only be set up through ThePlanRocks.com. To entice more viewers, Dan has promised a total of $2,500 to winners throughout the event, though individuals cannot win unless they attend, even if they want post-event access.

Who is Dan Hollings?

Though he may not be well known outside of the crypto world, Dan Hollings is an entrepreneur that has already run 10,000+ crypto automation through the last 3-4 years. He’s also made over $5 million with the methods he describes, which is why he is so confident in how he can help others. He’s already tested his methods in over 100 countries with both bear and bull markets.

Lessons of The Plan’s Live Training Webinar

Throughout this webinar, consumers will learn important lessons regarding the crypto trading world, including:

  • How to earn passive income with Dan’s methods.
  • Dan’s formula has helped him accumulate $5 million within less than four years.
  • The way he predicts that Bitcoin will be valued at no less than $135,000 soon.
  • Why trading cryptocurrencies should start now
  • Access to all of the clients’ live status that Dan’s paid shows his success in training them.
  • Why don’t crypto lessons from YouTube and Telegram teach users to make money.
  • Why Dan isn’t afraid that the market will crash.
  • Why investments should not be made during a bull run or a bear run to make money.
  • How users can make immediate profits with HODL-ing.
  • How to make money in the market without shorting crypto.

Participants are encouraged to show up about 10 minutes before the call to learn about Dan’s strategies. When the webinar begins, additional topics will be discussed to teach users to earn their income online and create passive income that they don’t even think about. Plus, they’ll get to see Dan’s current systems running to see how his investments are doing.

What Exactly Is the Wiggle Factor?

The Wiggle Factor is a gift that users receive by registering for access to The Plan today. This digital guide shows users exactly how to make crypto into a passive income within just a few minutes. The state of the market doesn’t matter, and Dan is committed to teaching users what they need to do to get out of that mindset.

With this simplified approach, users can make a profit online without spending thousands of dollars being educated by professionals.


How Does Dan’s The Plan System Work?

Every crypto training session comes with a little risk, so how do consumers know if this plan can benefit them? Is the work he describes legitimate?

With The Plan, users don’t have to take significant risks. Instead, all of the methods Dan describes are safe and easy, though they also take advantage of a loophole in the system. Users can make profits in any market, even if they have never gotten involved with cryptocurrency before.

When Does the Plan Go Live?

On December 16, 2021, the live training session commences. It costs nothing to users but investing in The Plan comes with a price. Users have the choice of breaking down the payments into installments or paying them in one lump sum.

  • 4 installments of $997 each (plus tax)
  • 1 one-time payment of $3,497 (plus tax)

With either option, users get access to several bonuses as gifts.

Free Gifts

The first of the gifts has to do with the customer support team. Rather than offering limited hours of operation, anyone who signs up will have 24/7 access to the support team.

The second gift is delayed access to the webinar. If the individual missed out on one of the sessions or didn’t want to attend, they can access all the content from the Member’s Area of the website.

Finally, users can access the Crypto Exchange Deep Dive, showing them what each platform can deliver and which will give the most significant advantage.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Plan

When does the training begin?

The training session starts on December 16th. There will be sessions on the 17th, 18th, 20th, 21st, and 22nd, beginning at 12:00 pm PST. Each session lasts between 90 and 180 minutes. Within 24 hours, users should be able to access the recording of the event from the Member’s Area.

Will users have to give up a fraction of their earnings to compensate for the free access?

Not at all. No money earned through these methods is accessible by Dan or any of the other members of his team. The entire point of the program is to educate users.

Can users share their login information with friends or family members?

Suppose the family member lives within the same household, yes. However, users must sign a participation agreement and a non-disclosure agreement to participate.

Do users have to pay taxes on their cryptocurrency earnings?

Yes. However, the federal government only requires that traders pay for their profits. Since cryptocurrencies are available worldwide, check with the local tax laws.

Final Thoughts

With this exclusive webinar, users have the chance to see what Dan Hollings has up his sleeve with The Plan. He uses a method called The Wiggle Factor to make massive profits that will work for anyone in the crypto industry. Understanding what makes the crypto industry so profitable becomes much easier with this guidance. To register for the event, visit the official website, or call:

  • Phone: (661) 505-8540

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