Crypto Investor Network (Charlie Shrem) The Perfect Crypto Review

Charlie Shrem and the Crypto Investor Network team have launched a promotional campaign mentioning “The Perfect Crypto.”

By subscribing to Crypto Investor Network today, you get a bundle of free bonus reports, a discounted annual membership, and other perks – including complete details about Charlie’s new perfect crypto.

Charlie claims he hasn’t been this excited about a cryptocurrency since he bought bitcoin for $5. By subscribing to Crypto Investor Network today, you can discover everything about The Perfect Crypto.

What is Crypto Investor Network?

Crypto Investor Network is a monthly crypto investing newsletter led by early bitcoin pioneer Charlie Shrem and investment expert Luke Lango.

Published by InvestorPlace, Crypto Investor Network aims to help investors buy the best cryptocurrencies, blockchain stocks, and other crypto-adjacent assets.

Crypto Investor Network is designed for aggressive investors, and the newsletter recommends a low to moderate number of trades.

As big blockchain companies continue to disrupt big banks, big tech companies, and other giants, they’re helping investors get wealthy. By buying the right cryptocurrencies, digital tokens, and blockchain technology companies today, investors could earn huge returns on investment.

As part of a 2022 promotion, Charlie Shrem and the Crypto Investor Network team have identified “The Perfect Crypto.” By investing in this crypto today, you could potentially earn huge returns on investment:

“I haven’t felt this excited since I bought bitcoin for $5,” explains Charlie Shrem.

By subscribing to Crypto Investor Network today, you can get complete details about the exciting new cryptocurrency Charlie has identified.

Who is Charlie Shrem?

Charlie Shrem is an early bitcoin pioneer and current crypto analyst. He was a founding member of the Bitcoin Foundation. Back in the early days of bitcoin, he also ran one of the world’s first-ever cryptocurrency exchanges, BitInstant, an exchange that handled nearly 30% of global bitcoin trading traffic at the time.

Being an early investor in bitcoin has allowed Charlie to buy almost anything he wants, including two expensive Maseratis, a $2 million mansion in Florida, and two speedboats.

Now, Charlie has identified a new crypto investment opportunity. He claims to have spotted a new cryptocurrency that has made him as excited as he was when buying bitcoin at $5. He’s giving away complete details about this coin to everyone who subscribes to Crypto Investor Network today.

What is The Perfect Crypto?

Charlie has identified a new cryptocurrency he calls “The Perfect Crypto.” By subscribing to Crypto Investor Network today, you get complete details about The Perfect Cryptocurrency, why Charlie recommends buying it, and why he believes the future is bright for this cryptocurrency.

Charlie compares buying The Perfect Crypto today to buying bitcoin at under $5 – before it soared 13,000-fold. Charlie himself bought bitcoin when it was this cheap, and it’s one reason he has a lot of money today.

When Charlie is asked what cryptocurrency people should buy today, he tells them to buy the perfect crypto.

We can’t provide complete details about The Perfect Crypto upfront without spoiling Charlie’s report. However, we can provide basic details about The Perfect Crypto and how it works:

Charlie believes “the pieces are now in place for it to happen all over again” with The Perfect Crypto, comparing it to the days when bitcoin was $5, and smart investors bought early.

Charlie claims people who buy the perfect crypto today “can have the chance to experience the white-knuckle ride of getting in low, practically on the ground floor.”

Charlie describes The Perfect Crypto as something that “could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with mammoth upside potential.”

The cryptocurrency is available for about $11 today, or less than 1/10 of 1% of the price of bitcoin.

Charlie claims the perfect crypto reminds him of Amazon before it rose to prominence.

Every $1,000 invested in Amazon in the early days turned into $2.13 million. Charlie believes this token could present a similar opportunity, allowing investors to get in on the ground floor of a world-changing venture.

If everything goes its way for The Perfect Crypto, then Charlie believes the token could be worth over $90 million. It has “world beating potential” and has “bitcoin-like upside potential of up to 13,000x or more,” according to Charlie.

Overall, Charlie seems confident The Perfect Crypto could change the world, rise dramatically in the near future, and eventually be compared to bitcoin, Ethereum, and others in its meteoric rise to prominence.

6 Keys to The Perfect Crypto

To become The Perfect Crypto, Charlie needed a coin that met 6 key requirements.

Charlie describes these requirements as “a winning playbook” for the best cryptocurrency for investors. If a cryptocurrency meets several of these requirements, it could be a good buy. If a cryptocurrency meets all 6 of these requirements, it could be an even better buy.

Key #1: Massive Growth Potential: The Perfect Crypto must have cutting-edge technology with the potential to change the way we live – similar to how Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Netflix had a profound impact on our daily lives.

Key #2: Scalability: The Perfect Crypto should be scalable. Instead of operating on its own, it should bridge hundreds of other cryptocurrencies together. The right crypto could tackle one of the biggest problems in the crypto space today by binding multiple cryptocurrencies together.

Key #3: Cheap: The Perfect Cryptocurrency should offer customers the lowest fees – almost zero. It should be cheap – or virtually free – to make transactions and transfer money securely.

Key #4: Fast: The Perfect Crypto should have super-fast transaction times, allowing customers to make transactions as easily as they pay with payment cards – if not faster.

Key #5: Super Safe: The Perfect Crypto should be able to meet all of the requirements above without sacrificing on security.

Key #6: Affordably-Priced: To become The Perfect Crypto for investors, Charlie also wants a cryptocurrency to be affordably-priced today. Ideally, his recommended cryptocurrency should cost $15 or less.

Charlie also wanted a cryptocurrency that was “virtually undiscovered,” including a cryptocurrency that most investors don’t know exists. When a cryptocurrency combines all of the factors above, it creates The Perfect Crypto.

The Perfect Crypto Can Disrupt Multiple Industries

Charlie is a big believer in The Perfect Crypto because it can potentially disrupt some of the planet’s biggest industries.

According to Charlie, The Perfect Crypto can disrupt all of the following industries:

  • Financial services
  • Travel and mobility
  • Infrastructure
  • Healthcare
  • Retail and CPG
  • Agriculture and mining
  • Education, communication, and information services
  • Entertainment

Charlie also believes it could affect multimillion-dollar industries like banking, car manufacturing, energy, hospitality, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, mining, oil and gas, and even law enforcement, among other areas.

The Perfect Crypto Solves “The Biggest Missing Piece in the Entire Crypto Jigsaw Puzzle”

In the late 1990s, Google succeeded because it harnessed the power of new technology – the internet. It made the internet more usable by organizing everything.

Charlie sees similar potential for The Perfect Crypto.

The perfect crypto is attempting to tie together the crypto world by creating the “internet of blockchains.” It builds bridges between blockchain platforms, exploding the limitations of the technology.

Today’s blockchain technology is messy. It’s spread between platforms and tokens. There’s limited interconnectivity, and it’s restricting the industry as a whole.

Charlie’s perfect crypto is creating an ever-expanding set of interconnected apps and services to ensure blockchains can communicate securely with one another. It’s becoming more popular every day. The Perfect Crypto’s blockchain already supports 260+ blockchain companies, including Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, and Avalanche, among others.

Because of these advantages, Charlie believes The Perfect Crypto could be a great investment opportunity.

Charlie’s Perfect Crypto is Cosmos (ATOM)

Charlie reveals one of his perfect cryptos upfront without requiring you to subscribe to Crypto Investor Network.

Charlie is a big believer in Cosmos, a platform that uses a coin called ATOM.

ATOM reached an all-time high of $44.42 on September 20, 2021. Since then, it has fallen – similar to the rest of the crypto space. However, Charlie believes its brightest days lie ahead.

Some of the reasons Charlie likes Cosmos include:

  • Massive growth potential, with 260+ clients on board and many more to come
  • Scalable, as Cosmos is ready for hundreds more to come on board
  • Cheap, with industry-low transaction fees of $0.01
  • Fast, with industry-best transaction times of 7 seconds
  • Reliable and secure, giving users peace of mind
  • Affordable coins, currently sitting around $11

By subscribing to Crypto Investor Network today, you get a bonus report highlighting the benefits of Cosmos (ATOM) along with 2 other speculative plays identified by Charlie.

What’s Included with Crypto Investor Network?

Your subscription to Crypto Investor Network includes a bundle of free bonus reports and your standard annual subscription. You can discover the #1 cryptocurrencies Charlie recommends buying today.


Here’s what you get with all new subscriptions to Crypto Investor Network:

1 Year Membership to Crypto Investor Network: Each month, Charlie Shrem, Luke Lango, and the Crypto Investor Network team reveal new crypto investment opportunities, break down market news, and provide their analysis on the best actions to take today. Through the special 2022 promotion, you can get a one-year membership to Crypto Investor Network at 75% off the normal price.

Instant Access to Members-Only Crypto Investor Network Website: Your subscription includes instant, 24/7 access to the members-only section of the Crypto Investor Network website. You can use the platform to access previous reports, view the current subscriptions, and check Charlie’s advice, recommendations, and analysis from recent issues and reports.

Instant Access to Charlie’s Top Crypto Picks: Charlie and his team use a proprietary formula to identify the best cryptocurrencies with the highest chance of taking off. Once a new cryptocurrency meets the requirements of this proprietary formula, the team recommends it to Crypto Investor Network subscribers. Based on their expert analysis, you receive a detailed write-up of the coin, why it could be a good investment opportunity, how and where to buy it, and how much the coin could rise.

Instant Access to Crypto Investor Network Model Portfolio: Want to make similar gains to the Crypto Investor Network team? Want to see exactly which coins the team has recommended buying – and at what price points? You can do that with the Crypto Investor Network model portfolio. You get complete access to the model portfolio, letting you keep tabs on current positions and review the newest crypto recommendations.

Free Bonus Guide #1: My Top 3 Speculative Crypto Moonshots for 2022: Charlie has identified a trio of small upstarts operating on the front lines of the $10 trillion crypto revolution. You can discover the scientists and researchers behind those companies – and other reasons Charlie believes these coins could be the most important investments you ever make. According to Charlie, each token has the potential to rise 5x, 25x, or even 50x over the coming months. You can pick up these tokens for as little as $5 today.

Free Bonus Guide #2: NFTs, Tokens, and Blockchain: Your Guide to the Crypto Market’s Biggest Scams and Opportunities: In this guide, Charlie explains how to spot fake cryptocurrencies and avoid “rug pulls,” where founders disappear after luring investors with promises of being the next bitcoin. You can discover the difference between genuine blockchain opportunities and scams. It’s a guide that could change your life by protecting you from the next big scam.

Free Bonus Guide #3: 27 Cryptos to Sell Before They Die: In this bonus report, you can discover some of the tokens to consider selling before they die. There are now over 18,000 cryptocurrencies, and 99% of those cryptocurrencies are destined to fail. The guide features 27 popular tokens with risky red flags, including well-known coins to consider selling today.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Crypto Investor Network is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can request a full refund with no questions asked at any point during your subscription. Contact the company within the next 12 months if you’re unhappy for any reason, and you’ll receive a complete refund on your purchase.

Crypto Investor Network Pricing

Crypto Investor Network is priced at $49 for your first year for new members or 75% off the ordinary retail price of $199.

Annual Crypto Investor Network Subscription: $49 per year ($49 for your first year, then $49 per year thereafter)

After your first year’s subscription is over, your plan automatically renews at the same discounted rate of $49, and it continues to renew every year for $49 until you cancel.

Crypto Investor Network Refund Policy

Crypto Investor Network has a 365-day moneyback guarantee covering your full subscription.

You can request a refund on Crypto Investor Network at any point within the first year if you’re unhappy for any reason, then receive a complete refund.

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Final Word

InvestorPlace has launched a new promotional campaign for Crypto Investor Network featuring “The Perfect Crypto.”

By subscribing to Crypto Investor Network today, you can discover complete details about The Perfect Crypto and how you can invest in The Perfect Crypto today.

To learn more about Crypto Investor Network and The Perfect Crypto, visit the official website and subscribe today.



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