A new look for your home begins with A Clean Streak

Beyond looking good, a deep clean has practical benefits, too

Can a whole “new” home be as easy as a deep clean?

It can with the right tools, and the right expertise.

“We can pretty much clean anything on your home’s exterior,” says Brian Turner, owner of A Clean Streak , serving all Whidbey Island. “A lot of times, people will call us to clean their windows or their gutters, and don’t realize we can do so much else.”

In fact, approaching your home from the top-down, start with a clean roof and gutters before moving on to sparkling windows and siding sprayed clean of dust and grime. Finish with your driveway, decks and sidewalks and your home will look brand new!

But giving your “castle” a clean sweep is about more than esthetics. It’s also about longevity and ultimately saving money with a well-maintained home.

  • Gutters: Gutter cleaning should be undertaken once or twice a year depending on your home’s location. Not only will cleaning prevent damage from backed-up downspouts and overflowing gutters, but having eyes on your roof can help spot issues like missing or damaged shingles or issues with the flashing or soffits.
  • Siding: Cleaning your home’s exterior every two years or so will help keep it looking fresh and prevent grime build-up. “Using quality cleaning products ensures a quality result and means you don’t have to redo it as often,” Turner says, noting a gentler soft wash is also available for painted or other more vulnerable surfaces.
  • Decks: With our damp, often dreary winter weather, mildew can quickly build up and create a slippery surface. Powerwashing can give you a deck that looks great and is safer to walk on. And for those preparing to re-stain or paint, cleaning is the essential first step for a quality finish.

Professional service since Day 1

Serving the Island since June 2014, “I started with just me and my dog and a ladder, then I hired my first helper and it’s just grown from there,” Turner says with a smile.

The secret to that success, while not necessarily easy, is simple: “We just try to do the best job, and provide the best service we can. I’ve got great people working for me and that’s huge.”

With that philosophy, it’s no surprise that while his clientele has grown exponentially in those six years, his first customers remain with him to this day.

To learn more about giving your home A Clean Streak, visit acleanstreak.com.

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