Looking for a new mattress? Everett mattress store makes sure you get what you pay for

There’s an old saying — we’ve all heard it at some point — “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!” While that saying seems cliché, its sentiment is important when you’re looking for a new mattress. That great price that seems like a deal you can’t refuse may just fall into the too-good-to-be-true category!

Buyer beware!

Here in the state of Washington, it’s not illegal to sell a used mattress without disclosing that it’s used, meaning that “great deal” that you found advertised may be a returned item, a defective item, a refurbished item and was probably slept on by someone else.

At ESC Mattress Center, owners Josh and Will want you to know how to make sure that the new mattress you want is actually new! Josh notes that, “One of the easiest things to check for is the Law Label, the “Do Not Remove Under Penalty” tag, because that tag lists the warranty information. A refurbished, repaired or “factory-second” mattress will often no longer have that tag because it is no longer covered by the manufacturer’s warranty — it’s an easy one to spot — and any mattress missing this tag has a good chance of being a used item.”

Expert advice and years of experience

Another one to avoid is the “overstock sale.” Josh calls on his many years of experience in the industry noting that, “mattresses are made to order — we order what we need and then the manufacturers make the mattresses — they don’t make them and then try to sell them — overstock is just not something that occurs in this industry.”

One other red flag is the “scratch-and-dent” sale. These are mattresses sold as damaged goods, but the reality, according to Josh, is different: “We send damaged mattresses back to the manufacturer — we don’t sell them on.”

Great prices can be tempting, but, “some mattresses are price locked, meaning that they cannot be sold under price, so that brand name mattress that seems like a great deal may be used.” If a mattress store isn’t listed on a brand’s dealer-finder tool online, they aren’t likely to be an authorized dealer and who knows where they’re getting their mattresses from. “Even when we sell off our floor models, they have a warranty, and we can tell you where they come from. Stores need to be able to sell off display models, we just think they should have to tell you what you’re getting” says Will.

Have your say — but sleep well in the meantime!

With all of that said, there’s some hope that the laws will change in the near future to better protect consumers. The owners of ESC Mattress Center are working to try to make it illegal to sell used beds without disclosing it to the purchaser.

If you are looking for a new mattress, stop by ESC Mattress Center — where Josh and Will guarantee that your new mattress is just that — New! They offer great prices and great, personal service, so you can rest easy and sleep well.

ESC Mattress Center is located at 10121 #30, Evergreen Way, Everett WA, 98204. Visit the website here or find them on Facebook here. Hours are Monday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The family-owned ESC Mattress Center has the expert knowledge to help you find a mattress that works for you.

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