Building trust with top-notch, professional community association management

There are many ways to describe what constitutes a community. Still, all adjectives lead to a group of individuals and families who share a common interest in their surroundings. They are a unified body who live, work and play together with similar interests in mind. That can be a tall order when you live in a community or association with many families and individuals with different backgrounds and values.

At Windermere Property Management, their goal is to make community management as easy as possible. With this task in mind, they have added Community Association Management services to their list of superior services.

Community Association Management takes a unique set of skills and, when professionally instituted, can be a vital community-building tool which ultimately leads to happy tenants and property owners.

“By providing top-level Community Association Management, we can build trust in the community and create an environment of mutual respect,” says Christina Rhoades, Community Manager at Windermere. Rhoades is CMCA, which means she has fulfilled the rigorous requirements set forth by the Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) program.

CMCA is an international certification program designed exclusively for homeowner and condominium association and cooperative managers. Although association homeowners, board members and management companies are increasingly seeking certified community association managers, it is not always easy to find individuals with these qualifications.

The Community Management Team – Stephania, Sabryna and Christina – look forward to serving Oak Harbor and the needs of their clients.

The Community Management Team – Stephania, Sabryna and Christina – look forward to serving Oak Harbor and the needs of their clients.

Jason McFadyen, the Managing Broker at Windemere, stresses the importance of finding a professionally certified manager as the key to success.

“So many property owners and boards ask us to manage their associations. We met that demand by hiring Christina. She is professionally certified and has the experience to back up those credentials,” McFadyen says. “We are not just a property management company. We answer the needs of the community as a whole.”

Rhoades’s certification means Windermere can confidently offer clients specialized services that enhance the community and provide HOA Management services. Those needs usually include administrative, operational, and managerial guidance to boards and their residents, developing budgets and financial reporting, helping with the direction of community association covenants, managing common areas, and overall governance. They are also involved with managing contractors and insurance providers and overseeing payments of community association dues. Certified Community Association Managers perform site inspections and work closely with association personnel.

“We offer high-level, professional community association management,” Rhoades says. “This allows us to manage community expectations and provide more options to property owners. We help build those communities into ones with mutual respect, which leads to wonderful environments to live in.”

The Community Management Team – Stephania, Sabryna and Christina – look forward to serving Oak Harbor and the needs of their clients.

Windermere Property Management manages properties in North and Central Whidbey and knows the island residents it serves. They offer commercial and residential property management services that make the lives of property owners easier while protecting their assets.They provide superior services for tenants and owners with prompt, personal attention.

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