Faithful Living: A look at the lives behind the Easter drama

Easter Sunday is April 8 and the quickly approaching holiday has pushed me into action. This year I want to do more than purchase new… Continue reading

  • Mar 24, 2007

Life on Whidbey: It’s a birdy kind of love

LYDIA SIKES likes to joke that her husband PHIL dragged her here from Chicago nine years ago. “Actually, his daughter worked for me,” she said,… Continue reading

  • Mar 21, 2007

Faithful Living: Reflecting on 13 years of faithful writings

I have come to understand that sometimes we experience good things in our lives because we make them happen — we dream and toil, persist… Continue reading

  • Mar 17, 2007

Life on Whidbey: Heroes take a bow-wow

Three four-legged guests at last week’s Red Cross Heroes Breakfast wore brightly colored vests bearing their names. They came forward with their human companions to… Continue reading

  • Mar 14, 2007

Life on Whidbey: Bulgaria calls to Coupeville woman

“I do believe in life everything happens for a reason and that I would not be what I am today without the people I have… Continue reading

  • Mar 7, 2007

Faithful Living: Don’t forget to keep in touch with God, his wisdom

Think of yourself as an incandescent power, illuminated and perhaps forever talked to by God ... .--Brenda Ueland“Feeling a bit overwhelmed?” my husband asked the… Continue reading

  • Mar 3, 2007

Life on Whidbey: Little parade comes of age

Just when things were humming along nicely in the city of Oak Harbor, a local Dutchman named ED BOONSTRA dared to hang an Irish flag… Continue reading

  • Feb 28, 2007

Faithful Living: Family adventure brings need for others

I’ve been thinking about the old Zen conundrum: What’s the sound of one hand clapping?My personal opinion? Nothing. If you don’t have two hands, you… Continue reading

  • Feb 24, 2007

Life on Whidbey: She doesn’t believe in ‘no good deed goes unpunished’

Clare Booth Luce made this observation in her catty satires on New York society, but PATRICIA CHAPIN WALLACE of Oak Harbor would disagree.The energetic woman… Continue reading

  • Feb 14, 2007

Faithful Living: Finding God in a technology driven era

While I have become discriminating about the e-mail messages I spend time reading, I always open forwards from a childhood friend because she is the… Continue reading

  • Feb 10, 2007

Faithful Living: Don’t turn to Elvis for love advice

What can you say about a society that says God is dead and Elvis is alive?— Irv KupcinetElvis was a whole lot of fun to… Continue reading

  • Feb 3, 2007

Life on Whidbey: Help complete the picture of one memorable 1950s day

It was a clear day in the early 1950s when a local woman headed to Maylor’s Hardware to pick up a few things.She arrived at… Continue reading

  • Jan 31, 2007

Faithful Living: Find your purpose and reduce stress

I had a couple of minutes to burn this week while waiting for a child’s activity to finish, so I grabbed my Reader’s Digest magazine… Continue reading

  • Jan 27, 2007

Life on Whidbey: Kick off your Sunday shoes

Short of hanging out on a tropical beach for a week, may I suggest a surefire way to warm up your winter? Go see FOOTLOOSE!The… Continue reading

  • Jan 24, 2007

Faithful Living: God shows his presence with power, comfort

When you think about God, does a loving father come to your mind? I can relate to this image for I experienced the great love… Continue reading

  • Jan 20, 2007

Life on Whidbey: Jukebox brought couples together

The Wurlitzer juke box cast a pale glow as couples stayed on for the last dance at the USO. She caught her breath as he… Continue reading

  • Jan 17, 2007

Life on Whidbey: Strawbery Tarts have big hearts

The term “Red Hat Society” usually conjures up images of women of a certain age dressed in purple and wearing red hats. Most people don’t… Continue reading

  • Jan 10, 2007

Faithful Living: 7 tips for unity at home or at work

Over the years I’ve enjoyed varied professional development experiences and I once participated in a seminar that focused on basic publication design. It was extremely… Continue reading

  • Jan 6, 2007