Orange you glad it’s Christmas?

Santa’s elves have been sending up positive reports to the north pole about the good behavior boys and girls at Oak Harbor elementary schools. So good, if fact, the children earned a visit from the big man himself.

Kindergartners at Hillcrest Elementary School were greeted last Wednesday afternoon with jolly laughter and oranges to help keep the kids healthy through the holidays.

Several of the students took note that the fruit was cold, so therefore it must’ve come straight from his workshop at the North Pole.

Dave Myers as Saint Nicholas let the kids know he’d been hearing good things as he handed out the orange orbs as part of the annual Kiwanis Club tradition. His presence clearly made an impact.

“This is the best day of my life” a voice could be heard exclaiming as Mr. Clause left one of the classrooms Wednesday.

Myers might not’ve completely convinced all the children, however. Even with his real white beard.

“I think Santa’s way shorter and he has to be fatter,” kindergartner Katelyn Nicholson said.

Whoever the real Kris Kringle is, she asked him for a “robot cat that can pee and poop.”

Her classmate Isaac Hamm, however, was happy to see the man in the red suit. He was impressed to that Saint Nicholas had time in his busy schedule to visit his Oak Harbor classroom.

“It’s a hard job,” Hamm said,”because he has to go everywhere.”