OH Magazine | Extra Credit: Horseback Riding

Giddy up and get riding

How many times have you wished you could head back to your childhood? Back to your days filled with dreams of growing up to be an astronaut, veterinarian or actor?

While a quick occupational change may not be obtainable overnight, grasping hold of one childhood dream might. For residents of Oak Harbor, Wildwood Farm can take you back to summers spent at camp and dreams of owning your own pony.

Wildwood is a beautiful 80-acre facility found off Crescent Harbor road, located on the aptly named Happy Valley Road. It is family owned by Greg Lawsa and Heather Carter. Wildwood’s barn manager, Fonda Ligget, shared some information on this little known establishment, and what it does.

Primarily a breeding farm — which means year-round you can be sure to see a cute little foal or two — Wildwood also conducts horseback riding lessons, including adult lessons.

The farm offers small class sizes and is looking to grow its student roster. An added bonus for busy adults is the ability to start lessons any time and make them fit into your schedule.

As Wildwood trainer and instructor Sara Cassat could tell you, riding horses can offer duel satisfaction since it is both an amazing way to return to being a kid and it’s an effective workout.

“Coming to the farm is a really fun way to get out and exercise and have fun,” Ligget said.

Riding can help build muscles and stamina. It’s an exciting option for those who like an unconventional workout.

“It’s a great workout, you use a lot of core muscles,” Ligget said.

The health benefits of riding are numerous, not the least of which is peace of mind.

Wildwood is an ideal setting for the perfect farm any child, or adult, could imagine. When not focusing down in lessons on their trot and gallop, students can ride the grounds and view the beautiful backdrop of a pond and bridge, a nest of two bald eagles, and acres of rolling hills, lovely pastures, and pretty horses. Wildwood farm makes it easy for any person to tell themselves, “go ahead, be a kid again.”