Where has oversight over signage gone?


I just have to weigh in on the Wellness Center project. I have gotten over the fact the word “hospital” has gone the way of the buggy whip, and that we didn’t get the more sustainable solar panels promised when we voted for the “hospital” bond, but what happened to our pride from being at the center of a national reserve, and where is the pride that we are held to a higher standard.

The signage has gotten lost in the overkill of size, color and proliferation and does not fit the criteria of the entrance to an historic town.

I own an historic building and was a shop owner for years in the historic business district on Coupeville’s Front Street.

For years I served on the town Design Review Board until it was dissolved.

I ask you, what has happened? Signage used to be held to a higher standard, no garish colors with the size and style fitting the size and appropriateness of the building.

Again and again, I feel like all of our standards are being sold to the highest bidder.

Millie Fonda