Tricare finds us a provider

I live in Bellingham now after spending 25 years on Whidbey and my husband was retired and also a Vietnam vet. When we moved up here in 2000 we found that we had no problem with using Tricare for our medical even though like others he was always saying,” I was promised when I joined that when I retired I would still be treated by the base.”

Sorry how times have changed but one thing I can tell you is that Tricare found us a provider up here and when he needed care from a specialist they okayed every request that was submitted by our provider. In June 2005 we found out he had cancer. Scary thought what medical cost would be coming but every time he was in the hospital for any treatment of any kind Tricare paid all but our small co-pay. Look up Tri-West on the Internet and check for providers in this area. You will be surprised how many great doctors up here do take it. Also keep checking with the VA, they plan to build a treatment center in Bellingham area soon.

Regarding your editorial of July 4, “Welcome to Whidbey Island,” what a welcome event the planes are. As an old Navy wife I so missed a time when the sign at the corner said it loud and proud: “Pardon our noise it’s the sound of freedom.” Great work and congratulations to all involved for a job well overdue and well done.

J. Vaughn


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