St. Clair knows how to get things done


Ever since I first heard Janet St Clair speak, I’ve been extremely impressed. My appreciation for her has grown tremendously over the past four years as she served as Island County commissioner. Janet’s breadth of knowledge and experience is top-notch. She knows how things work, who the players are and how to get things done. She’s concerned about people, government accountability and transparency. She’s increased access to government through a better county website and is working to deliver broadband service to all of Island County.

She worked to expand access to public health clinics. She understands the vital role of small businesses in our communities. She supports our rural island nature and emphasizes environmental protections to keep shorelines and waters clean so whales, salmon and crab may thrive.

I see her everywhere at local events, keeping in touch with the people she serves. She holds Town Halls so residents can learn what the county is doing and meet the experts and officials in charge of everything from parks to broadband. It’s vital that our commissioner keeps close ties to the people and organizations of Camano and Janet does! Please join me in voting to re-elect Janet St Clair.

Joan Schrammeck

Camano Island