Sherman qualified for school board

Voters of Oak Harbor will be deciding several important positions in the August primary election. One of these will be the position of school board member. The candidates represent a wide range of talents and views. Only one candidate stands out as knowledgeable and shows a genuine interest in making the Oak Harbor School District better for our children.

Dave Sherman is the only candidate who has taken the time to attend school board meetings on a regular basis for the past year. He has served on our budget reconciliation committee, helping the district make tough financial choices. He is familiar with the operating principals of the board.

Dave has been a supporter of the stadium and high school remodel bonds and our operating levy renewal. He knows money management and he knows how to manage people in a very positive way. He is keenly aware of the role of a school board member and he has a positive attitude towards schools and the mission of schools in Oak Harbor. No other candidate has shown an interest in getting to know the district and the role of board member.

Dave Sherman is a very positive candidate. He will do a good job of offering our students the opportunity to be successful citizens. As school board president, I look forward to working with Dave. I ask you to support Dave Sherman as your candidate for school board member.

Gary Wallin

Oak Harbor

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