Protecting castles a fool’s dream?

Regarding, “Sound Off: Your home is not your castle” (Whidbey News-Times, July 21:

Of course, I agree with you in principle as most sane people would. However, if Susette finds out that you referred to her as “elderly,” none of us here in New London will be responsible for what she does. And, let me tell you, that her temper has certainly not improved after almost nine years of defending her rights and the rights of others.

The other unusual thing about Susette is that her name is spelled as above with no zzzzzz’s in it. Aren’t zzzzzz’s the symbol for sleeping as in “catching some zzzzz’s”? Nobody can accuse the plaintiffs in the Kelo vs. New London case of sleeping although, now that I think about it, this could very well be a case similiar to Rip van Winkle who went to sleep in one time period and woke up in another.

Be that as it may, your home is no longer your castle. Maybe it never has been and we have all just been living a fool’s dream.

It is very interesting to me that, in Connecticut where it all started, our Legislature still cannot come up with a bill that effectively protects people’s homes from eminent domain abuse.

Maybe, part of the problem is that New London’s two representatives have received a substantial amount of campaign donations and business from the powers that be.

But, maybe not. I think there could probably be worse things affecting our lawmakers such as a lack of intelligence or a failure (other than at election time) to recognize that they represent the people and not big business.

With election time approaching again, I would like to remind voters that if they keep on doing what they’ve always done, they’re going to keep on getting what they always got.

Think about that!

Kathleen Mitchell

New London, Conn.

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