Palin should drop McCain

What are the qualifications to be vice president? As far as I’m concerned there isn’t a senator or congressman qualified for either president or vice president, a good lot of them should be on unemployment!

Neither body of Congress has passed any major legislation to fix Social Security, health care, education, energy, immigration and the list goes on. Many blame all of our problems on the person in the White House. Well you have eight years with a president, how many years have many congressmen and senators been in office? Too long!

They are too busy making sure they get re-elected instead of taking care of the many problems that need to be fixed. I think Gov. Palin should drop McCain and run for president. She seems to have a little common sense that seems to be in short supply these days. I’m just glad that the sentiment that seems to be the order of the day about so-called experience was not the same at the time our great nation was founded! So Patricia (Letters, Sept. 13) you tell me who’s qualified.

Bob Hikade

Oak Harbor

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