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Needle beats the disease

I was born in Joliet, Ill., south of Chicago. We lived above my grandparents. This was during the Great Depression. No jobs, no money, no “bennies” given out as they are now ­ food stamps, rent subsidies, medical, etc., etc. We were poor!

  • Jul 18, 2008

Whidbey News Times Letters to the Editor | July 16

It seems to be a matter of scale. For elephants, it’s 640 to 645 days. For mice and small animals between 20 and 33 days, for dogs and cats between 61 and 69, and moving up to monkeys and humans it takes 164 to 266 days. But for elephants it’s going to take longer.

  • Jul 16, 2008

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Bakke’s best

  • Jul 15, 2008

Many help injured son

On July 8 my 13-year-old son was riding his bicycle down the sidewalk on Regatta when he flew over his handle bars. He thankfully was wearing his helmet, but still sustained minor injuries. I would like to thank the several people who stopped to help him, as well as the quick response by paramedics/fire rescue.

  • Jul 11, 2008

One choice in District 1

When South Whidbey voters mark their ballot for the Aug. 19 primary, I want them to know that a vote for Helen Price Johnson will be the best vote they ever cast. Helen comes to the table secure in her board experience, leadership, and desire to keep our island communities in tact. I want voters in South Whidbey to disregard the big name signs cluttering open spaces, non-party rhetoric and promises of a responsible government from irresponsible seat holders. It’s really time to take stock of the government we’ve created, all of us.

  • Jul 11, 2008

Help shelter our people

Greetings fellow Islanders. I am writing about the lovely family who has been hit hard by foreclosure and economic challenges. I have been there personally a few years ago and it is incredibly devastating.

  • Jul 11, 2008

High gas prices drive everything up | Whidbey Letters to the Editor

Your Whidbey commuters story of June 25 contained a puzzling quote by school teacher Derek Hanson. Your reporter interviewed him on the the ferry to Mukilteo. Hansen rides the ferry for environmental reasons rather than, I assume, driving to his workplace. He stated that he hopes that gas prices shoot up to $10 a gallon so more people take advantage of public transportation.

  • Jul 11, 2008

Undefeated after all these years

Congratulations to the Oak Harbor Wildcat football team for remaining undefeated (9-0) for the regular season.I was fortunate enough to be associated with the last… Continue reading

  • Jul 3, 2008

Speir ideal hospital fit

We absolutely must add Bert Speir to our board of hospital commissioners. His breadth and depth of experience and expertise, and his passionate commitment to… Continue reading

  • Jul 3, 2008

Paper wrong about Sherman

I read with disbelief the editorial opinion column regarding the Oak Harbor School Board position 2 contested between Bill Burnett and David Sherman. I realize… Continue reading

  • Jul 3, 2008

Editorial wrong about physician

In your editorial endorsement of my opponent for hospital commissioner, you cite the “fact” that I’m a physician as a key reason why I’m not… Continue reading

  • Jul 3, 2008

Sherman has what it takes

For well over a year David Sherman has been in attendance at school board meetings to familiarize himself with the operations of the board, and… Continue reading

  • Jul 3, 2008

Let’s vote on city upgrade

I was walking around Oak Harbor last Saturday morning with the better half, window shopping. Downtown Oak Harbor was pleasantly surprising with very nice shops… Continue reading

  • Jul 3, 2008

Soldiers pull for Wildcats

As I sit here in my cleaned and packed barracks room awaiting my flight to Iraq I anxiously scanned through the Seattle Times online high… Continue reading

  • Jul 3, 2008

Watch out for uninsured drivers

I would like to share information I was not aware of with all drivers. I was informed of this today by the Oak Harbor Police… Continue reading

  • Jul 3, 2008

Sailors save the day again

Last week I was trying to make a right turn from Scenic Heights onto Highway 20. Across the highway I noticed an unattended electric cart,… Continue reading

  • Jul 3, 2008

Add these to redwood list

A required stay in Seattle in the past two weeks necessitated our catching up with less-than-current newspapers. Of interest to us were two letters regarding… Continue reading

  • Jul 3, 2008

Libbey Beach Park repairs planned

After years of being battered by crashing waves and rushing currents, the beach access and bluff at Libbey Beach Park located on Central Whidbey Island… Continue reading

Dedicated staff cleans hospital

I just finished reading the detailed article concerning MRSA and Whidbey General Hospital’s medical staff. I can only hope that what was told is not… Continue reading

  • Jul 3, 2008

When a senior is not a senior

Ohhh! Those crackpot, inflammatory, irresponsible researchers and journalists! Woe be to these unskilled, incapable spewers (skewers?) of venom! Shame on these evil explosive exposers!Rick Schulte… Continue reading

  • Jul 3, 2008