Letter: Criticism of Hazelo unfair, without merit


This is in response to Maria Cablao’s letter of July 23rd. To clear up an important issue with the resolution, that resolution was brought forth by a precinct committee officer and seconded. As president of the Island County Republican Party, Tim Hazelo acted according to Robert’s Rules of Order, had discussion on the motion and took a vote and it passed. Quite simple actually.

It’s really a shame when the opponent’s supporters can’t say why they are voting for their candidate and must impugn the character and integrity of the opponent. One thing about Tim, he doesn’t avoid controversy and always handles it with professionalism.

This is why I’m voting for Tim Hazelo for county commissioner.

As the commissioner, Tim will strive to make a positive impact by enacting policies that protect and enhance lives in Island County. Tim supports:

1. Law and order and knows we need more officers and facilities to address the problems Island county is facing.

2. He will address homeless and addiction issues. The county has spent millions and has the situation improved or gotten worse?

3. Fiscal Accountability. Where is all the money going? How can it be done better? New taxes to cover bad policies helps no one.

4. Protect sustainable rural living. Protect your property rights, prevent big city and county political infiltration.

5. Support our Navy and NAS Whidbey. Tim’s a longtime advocate of the military and believes NAS Whidbey is a symbolic part of Island County.

6. Restore faith and trust in our local government. He will work to audit every department in Island County both fiscally and operationally. He will have an open-door policy. He will not submit to anything that will not improve Island county.

I’ve known Tim for a few years, and I find him to be honest and open. When verbally attacked by his opponent’s supporters, he has been nothing but gracious. Tim will be a great commissioner serving Island County.

Charlotte Henderson