Letter: Writer projects Democratic agenda on GOP


In typical Democrat fashion, Steven V. Horton of Langley in his Feb. 3 letter to the editor projects the Democrat agenda on Republicans.

In typical Democrat fashion, he continues to make untruthful statements about Republicans and Donald Trump’s actions and policies.

One of the Democrats’ guiding principles is to keep telling lies over and over through the news media, social media and the press in hopes they will ultimately be accepted as truth.

Mr. Horton has either bought into that as a believer or he is an instrument of the left using the opinion page to further the baloney.

I suspect it is the latter.

All quite amusing to those of us who are aware of the truth. Former president Trump was one of our country’s greatest presidents.

Thankfully, Trump intends to continue his quest to make America great again.

Stay tuned.

Bill Merrill


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