Letter: Write a letter that has info, not a long list of obsessions


Regarding the letter, “Focus on Trump’s ouster from office detrimental to U.S.,” written by Ed Hickey.

Ah, another Hickey screed, fluently written but containing no facts or examples. I thought that, in my reply I could help him a little.

He mentions the “numerous scandals” of the Obama Administration. I need reminding, as I recall only one, and Joe Biden may have been the guilty party, or maybe Hilary Clinton. During a cabinet meeting, one attendee poured himself the last swish of coffee in the pot without first asking if someone else would like it. I know, I know.

I yield that Donald Trump is a businessman; I gather Mr. Hickey thinks that is the best thing ever for honesty and integrity. The Glorious Donald, or TGD, was a millionaire — when a million was a million — by the age of 11, thanks to his father. Later in life, when TGD had to borrow money — often — he overvalued his holdings to get the loan, and when he declared for tax purposes, he undervalued them, thereby pushing the tax burden onto the rest of us. And, he lost almost a half billion of his inheritance through his expertise in his business. No American bank will deal with him. Good businessman indeed — an honest man. Who would not want such a person in charge of our nation?

I don’t care about Donald Trump; never have, never will. But, from my 30 years in New York, I know what a scumbag he is. It is beyond me why Mr. Hickey seems to venerate a man who looks out only from himself, pays to have sex, lies daily, takes responsibility for things only if he is made to look good, has as his the first and only rule of life to do whatever to whomever in order to come out on top — personal life only.

I do agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Hickey about the dangers of “political correctness,” if he is referring to those Trump supporters who refuse to wear a mask during this “pandemic,” or those who walk around in public with their AR-15s, reminding us of what we others might face if their candidate, TGD, should lose the election.

I read Mr. Hickey’s letter as that of a man who has a screaming siren going off in his head, and he needs to share it with the rest of us. I suggest Mr. Hickey come up with a letter that has some information, not just his obsessions.

John Seyfried


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