Letter: Woman shot on Jan. 6 was an American traitor


Mr. Wilferth has recently had two letters to the editor printed. The first, about immigration at the southern border, is more of his usual red-faced, Chicken Little vitriol about how Democrats are to blame for (fill in your favorite topic). I’m surprised he didn’t mention Hunter Biden’s laptop. Much as I disagree with Mr. Wilferth, he has some facts, and a not wholly unreasonable position.

His second letter, about Ashli Babbitt, is different. This is a letter in support of the traitors of January 6, and in it he is dishonest. Ms. Babbitt was not carried along by the crowd: she was at the forefront of the group that had cornered Ms. Pelosi and others – but one last, glass barricade away. We’ve all seen the video of the smashing; we’ve all see Ms. Babbitt being the first through, and her being shot. That necessary shot, and Donald Trump finally tweeting for his people to leave, is what stopped the riot.

Ashli Babbitt was a rabid nut job (check out her videos), so convinced that our government wasn’t doing what she wanted that instead of organizing voter drives, instead of peacefully petitioning the government for redress of grievances, she and the other nasty, vile, self-absorbed traitors rioted and threatened the lives of our elected representatives.

Whichever representative Mr. Wilferth disapproves of and, like Ms. Babbitt and the other traitors, thinks should be eliminated, he should bear in mind that each was duly elected by our fellow citizens. That, not a riot, not death threats, not the brandishing of guns, is what keeps each of our voices alive in a democracy. I’m sorry it’s not good enough for Mr. Wilferth.

We shall disagree about the January 6 “inquisition.” Not the Democrats’ fault that only two Republicans have any integrity or patriotism, is my opinion.

I will always remember January 6, and the truth of what went on. I will always remember it as the day one bullet saved our democracy. That’s the perverted but honest place in history that Ashli Babbitt, American traitor, deserves. And Mr. Byrd? He will forever have my thanks.

John Seyfried