Letter: Why was Muzzall at gathering held by ‘extremists?’


I would like to offer an apology to Zach Wurtz on behalf of all the Thompsons in the USA. Our black sheep, Scott took part in an alleged attack that reportedly put Mr. Wurtz in the hospital with a concussion.

This alleged attack occurred an an illegal July 4 political gathering in Oak Harbor sponsored by agitators.

Another disturbing factor in this debacle is that acting state Sen. Ron Muzzall was a participant in the political event. How did poor Ron get involved with these agitators? Well, it is due to poor judgment on his part.

When Republican party bigwigs met to select a replacement for retiring Barbara Bailey they had several more qualified candidates, but they all had shown streaks of independent thought, so they were ruled out and poor Ron was tapped.

Shortly after he began his job, Muzzall wrote that the processes and procedures of the state Legislature had him “befuddled.”

It appears that he is still befuddled.

Why would someone who holds the office of state senator decide to participate in a rally backed by extremists?

Because he does not know any better.

Ron is too old and set in his ways to learn. Let’s do him a favor this November and put him back on the farm, where he belongs, and send someone to Olympia who is better qualified to participate in the legislature.

John Thompson