Letter: Why is ‘narrative’ focused on equity, social justice?


There are many forms of government — communism, socialism, fascism, democracy, etc. Ignoring definitional hair-splitting, there are essentially only two types. Government that is accountable to the governed through the application of just law, and government accountable only to itself.

In each of the above forms, the second definition applies, with democracy being probably the worst of all. In a democracy, the majority rules and the minority, if lucky, is ignored while the rights of the individual disappear.

For 50-plus years you have been told America is a democracy. This is a lie. America is a constitutional republic. Our Constitution was deliberately designed to establish the primacy of the rights of each individual and to specifically limit the power government can wield over the individual.

Our Bill of Rights is probably the most anti-democratic document ever written as it specifically addresses the rights and the protections of the individual from both the mob and government.

Knowing this, ask yourself some questions; Why is the current narrative so focused on equity, social justice and critical race theory, all of which lumps us into “racist” sub-classes while completely ignoring us as individuals? Why are people’s lives being destroyed for speaking out about this? Why are the same Democrat leaders responsible for eight months of “largely peaceful” Antifa/BLM rioting, looting and murders in cities across America now demanding the investigation and arrest of the “insurrectionist rioters” of Jan 6?

Vice President Kamala Harris provided bail for Antifa/BLM rioters.

Why is “cancellation” and violence used to criminalize and destroy political opponents of the Democratic party? Why has Biden’s Homeland Security now declared Democrat political opponents to be “domestic violent extremists?” The only possible answer is because their goal is raw, naked power.

The left’s lust for power is unfettered by law or dissent as they openly disdain the first and destroy the second. Do not appease their aggression. Do not allow them to destroy you as an individual by arbitrarily assigning you to a sub-class they define as evil.

Fight it at every opportunity. Their only obstacles are our Constitution with its enumeration of the rights and freedoms of us as individuals, and you.

Do not be silenced.

Ed Meyer

Oak Harbor

Editor’s note: According to the fact-checking website Snopes, Kamala Harris did express support for a nonprofit called the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which pays criminal bail and immigration bonds, and encouraged her supporters to donate to it during the protests over George Floyd’s death in the summer of 2020. However, she did not donate money to the nonprofit before, after or during the protests, according to its records. Additionally, no evidence shows people who received bail or bond assistance from MFF for arrests during the demonstrations committed more crimes after their initial detainment.

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