Letter: WhidbeyHealth provided competent, life-saving care


It is popular to criticize the public institutions in our community. The common narrative is that things are rarely good enough, and people act out of laziness and self-interest. One institution that gets a bad rap is our local hospital and health care system, WhidbeyHealth. I write today to challenge that reputation, and to tell a story of outstanding, life-saving care that I received at WhidbeyHealth.

A couple of weeks ago, I felt an unfamiliar pain in my neck and chest and immediately called 911. Within minutes, first responders were at our house, hooking me up to machines, assuring my family that I was in good hands and preparing to get me to the hospital. I cannot say enough about their efficiency or friendliness. The first responders were great.

Once in the emergency room, the doctor quickly recognized the gravity of my case and diagnosed my situation. At the same time, the staff secured surgical care in Seattle. They wasted no time getting me the care I needed, and the speedy and accurate assessment of my condition saved my life.

The next step was getting me from Coupeville to Seattle, and fortunate for us on the island, we have a Life Flight Helicopter and crew stationed at WhidbeyHealth for such emergencies. Things get a bit fuzzy for me at this point, with poor circulation and the on-boarding of medications, except that the Life Flight got me to Seattle quickly, so I could be whisked to an operating room, and doctors repaired my heart.

I cannot express my appreciation for the medical care I received with WhidbeyHealth enough. My life was literally in their hands, and they responded with competence and care that I could only have wished for.

Bill Weinsheimer

Oak Harbor

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