Letter: Whidbey helped support totem tour tradition


What a great community! It is with a heart filled with gratitude that we thank those who showed up to support the Lummi House of Tears carvers. Your support enabled them to continue a great tradition.

For 22 years, these Totem Pole Journeys have been visiting communities across this great nation touching hearts, raising awareness, bringing hope, solutions and solidarity to those in need. This year’s journey is dedicated to supporting of the San Carlos Apache who are fighting to protect their sacred ceremonial grounds at Oak Flat, Arizona from a proposed Copper Mine.

This is the first year organizers lacked the funding to make the journey possible. That’s when folks on Whidbey hosted healing ceremonies for them in Coupeville and Langley, which inspired others elsewhere to contribute as well. The money was raised to launch this year’s journey dedicated to the protection of Oak Flat and sacred sites everywhere. In appreciation, on Saturday, March 11, they brought the pole to Whidbey for a blessings ceremony.

Over 100 people from Whidbey, Port Townsend and elsewhere witnessed the event. It then continued on its way to Arizona and eventually Pasadena, California for a court hearing. We want to thank the mayors of Coupeville and Langley, members of the Snohomish Tribe, the Blue Heron Canoe family and the owners of Callen’s restaurant for their support and participation. If you would like to support this worthwhile tradition, visit the TPJ website. Donations can be made through www.catskillmountainkeeper.org/house_of_tears_carvers_donations.

In Coast Salish we say Hys’que siem- thank you for making this possible.

Gary & Dianna Deseck-Piazzon