Letter: When was ‘united’ removed from United States of America?


Recent editions of the Whidbey News-Times reported that Oak Harbor City Council members chose to spend public funds which they may have just found in their respective mailboxes by accident.

First mystery to appear on this public stage. If I’ve missed the solution, I apologize. Time travel can be tiring.

Good public elected office holders, which they appear to be, chose to spend the money to help them better understand the community which they serve. That alone should cost a head or two, yet no one questions?

Why have none of the citizens served by this council asked why ?

Maybe recently published letters provide some insight.

At least three, if not possibly four, writers appear to offer embroidered red-ball hat repair/recycling services while nightly news reports daily the escalating COVID-19 casualty count.

This nation has not lost its soul, but way too many of its citizens value self over their neighbors while weeding gardens of apathy and ignorance.

When was “united” removed from these once United States of America?

Thomas Strang