Letter: Whatever your views, give Biden a chance to succeed


Enough of the chaos, division and racism already.

As someone who grew up in apartheid South Africa and looked to America as a beacon of hope that there is a better way to do things, the last 24 hours were crushing and heartbreaking.

Yes, democracy can be messy. I love freedom of speech and differing view points. I love the diversity and creativity of America. However, when truth no longer matters and a president encourages conspiracies and floods our sources of information with lies and vengeance making it difficult to separate fact from fiction, we end up with that democracy threatened, our unity shattered and our belief in the system destroyed.

Watching these hapless whites enter the capital, bewildered and stunned that they even succeeded, shows how far this has gone. We saw the police handle them with kid gloves, even when they became destructive and violent. However, protesters for BLM were met with rubber bullets and worse.

Why does the white man to this day feel they are entitled to be here and that they should be treated differently? Why do they think they are superior to people of color?

Despite all of this, no remorse shown on Fox “News,” which now blames Antifa for wearing Trump clothing and carrying flags, both Trump and confederate, and storming the capital. No concern for the role they play n spreading lies and conspiracy theories. They continue to stoke the fire.

A few Republican leaders are now standing up to Trump and recognizing the damage done. Better late, than never. However, there are still way too many in their leadership who continue to support Trump in fear of losing their base if they speak the truth.

As one Republican senator stood up and pointed out last night, the actions of the leadership today is not dissimilar from what happened in Rome a few centuries ago, and we all know how that turned out. Do we really want to see our democracy burn?

It is discouraging and sad to me, that humans never seems to learn from their mistakes.

Biden is being set up to fail. He received a little help yesterday by winning more control in the Senate. However, anything he is going to do to unify this country is going to be met with lies and more conspiracy theories.

I admire Biden for taking on this job. He is a decent man and is really trying to unify the country again to save our democracy. He was not my first choice, but believe he is the right person who may have any chance of leading us out from the brink of destruction.

Whatever your views, whether Republican, independent or Democrat, give Biden a chance to succeed. Let us all make an effort to heal this country, find common ground and save this beautiful and messy democracy.

Debbie Jackson


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