Letter: What would Democrats do to improve our future, security


In a field of 25 Democrat “green” presidential hopefuls, every one of them wants to curb usage, or get rid of completely, fossil fuels and natural gas.

It is apparent these narrow-minded candidates lack any knowledge of what fossil fuels provide for us.

There are over 6,000 products used in our daily lives created by fossil fuels. In addition to being able to move about anywhere in our country in our fossil-fuel-powered cars, truckers move and provide goods to individuals and businesses, we have air travel to any point on the globe and coal provides coke used in making steel and fuels electricity-generating plants.

Fossil fuels are used in the creation of nuclear fuels and reactors, cement, the manufacture of aluminum, refining metals, plastics, nylon, synthetics, plastic pipes, computers, medicines and tires. Without fossil fuels, manufacturing wind turbines and solar panels would be impossible. Natural gas is used to heat our homes efficiently and cheaply. Even the batteries used in electric cars, and the cars themselves, require the use of fossil fuels in their production. Wind turbines require a lot of cement, steel, carbon fiber and refined metals in their manufacture.

Transporting, erecting and maintaining wind and solar farms and transmission lines require all kinds of diesel-operated machinery. Every engine and machine needs lubrication, gear, transmission and hydraulic oil and grease. Wind turbines and solar power panels are inconsistent and unreliable and without fossil fuels could not even be manufactured, or even the access roads be made to erect and service them.

All voters need to take a hard look at what each candidate wants to do to our country and not one of them offers any betterment, just regression. Are you better off now, under the Trump administration, than you were under the Obama one?

Would any of the Democrat presidential candidates improve our future way of life or the security and safety of our country?

Ed Hickey

Oak Harbor