Letter: Wearing a mask is not relinquishing rights as American


Trump Republicans, please get a life. Trump lost. Biden won. Your mentor M.T. Greene is nuts. Liz Cheney, a rare Republican with compassion, is hated by her party because she speaks the truth.

Trump is Putin’s puppet and a crook and his party knows it, yet they will follow him and his cronies down a rabbit hole to try to please their party’s base of Fox News junkies. Sadly, most non-vaxxers are Republicans. They are the same group that believes Q-Anon is cool and that the bogus recount now happening in Arizona might actually give the impeached liar-in-chief another shot at wrecking this country.

Thankfully, that won’t happen. There are enough elected officials and members of the courts with fully functioning brains to thwart those people following the cult of Trump and his cronies.

Republicans are complaining loudest about wearing masks and being pushed to get vaccinated. In reality, we will not get back to anything close to normal unless the majority of us all get vaccinated. Maybe Republicans want COVID-19 to be with us indefinitely. Why else would many of them refuse to mask up or get vaccinated? Could it be that they might be mistaken for a liberal? God forbid.

Do the math. Forget what Hannity, Tucker and Trump tell you. What might you all do when businesses will not allow the “un-vaxxed” to use their services or walk into or onto their facilities? Think airlines, cruise ships, sports arenas, concert venues, the food service industry or possibly even your neighbor.

Is someone taking away your rights? No, it’s simply doing what is necessary to get rid of this virus and save lives, possibly your own. Get your shots and get a life. Help your country and the world get back to normal.

Bruce Howard


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