Letter: We need to take better choices in picking candidates


A recent opinion piece in the New York Times concludes that Trump and his supporters are totalitarians. The author starts by asserting all Trump supporters are old and lonely. She then cites historian Hannah Arendt as saying lonely people are drawn to totalitarian ideologies.

In a perfect logical dissonance, she concludes that “Trumpism equals totalitarianism.”

Let’s review some indications of totalitarianism.

The totalitarian uses censorship and “cancellation” against those who don’t parrot the preferred narrative.

The totalitarian claims a monopoly on truth and labels dissent as “misinformation.” They openly acknowledge working with Facebook and Twitter to censor and any such “misinformation” while using a fawning news media who willingly prostitute themselves in disseminating the official “truth.”

The totalitarian subverts our legal system by manufacturing evidence to prosecute enemies while completely ignoring actual crimes committed by their cronies.

The totalitarian labels dissenting voices as “extremists” and use the enormous power of the FBI, the NSA, and the IRS to investigate, monitor, threaten, and imprison these extremists.

The totalitarian promotes divisiveness and racial unrest by mandating the teaching of an explicitly malignant racist ideology in our public schools. This ideology says individuality is a false concept, a person’s character is irrelevant, and that our entire lives are dictated by our skin color. It says our country is evil and must be destroyed. Any who oppose this have their careers and reputations destroyed.

The totalitarian funds and encourages their proxy organizations of BLM and ANTIFA to riot, loot, burn and murder. The TV media tell us these riots are “mostly peaceful” while buildings burn behind them.

The totalitarian decriminalizes drug use, assault, theft and burglary. They pass laws that hamper the police and cut police budgets. The resultant massive rise in crime is ignored or blamed on the police.

The totalitarian uses fear of covid to force life-destroying lockdowns and to wear masks while they completely ignore these rules. They use covid as an excuse to restrict “non-essential” travel to Mexico and Canada while, in just 6 months, they allow over 1 million illegals to flood into our country.

The totalitarian uses our tax dollars to reward themselves and their friends while driving our country into bankruptcy.

Any objective review of the Democratic party’s recent decline into radicalism with their above policies will show exactly who the totalitarians are. We urgently need to make better choices about who we elect to office.

Ed Meyer

Oak Harbor