Letter: We need not fight to express our opinions


I read a community news paper almost religiously whenever and wherever I am.

The Opinion page is more or less the first section I turn to.

Long ago, in the age of black and white, common sense and love of country were prevalent. Civics was valued as worth teaching in primary education. Instruction of American history reinforced civics enlightening students when covering the formation of our nation and how it was to be governed by its citizens, not a monarch.

Those two classes were required at that time.

After 32 years of reading this community newspaper, one is bound to recognize change, and that I have. Frankly, it is not what I expected, especially in a community of self-described caring folks.

Since the election’s end, the sense of “we” has disappeared from the Opinion page.

It appears to be more a field of arguments than insightful information to possibly change one’s mindset.

One can not change a mindset by making folks mad.

To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln, a house divided cannot stand long.

We are a self governed nation of freedoms that are unequalled anywhere else in an ever increasingly smaller world. We cannot afford government by belief. Rather, we must govern based on facts.

Let’s stop talking past each other, or to each other, rather start talking with each other. Help put the “we” back on these Opinion page.

We need not fight to express our opinion. As an old adage goes, “if all else fails read the instructions,” in this case the Constitution.

Thomas Strang


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