Letter: We can learn from the experiences shared by others


Many thanks to Harolynne Bobis of Langley and Michael King of Oak Harbor for their letters to the editor, published in the May 29 Whidbey News-Times.

To them I say, we desperately need to hear your history and viewpoints. Your lived experiences tell a powerful story of our society; we are all flawed and have potential to do much better. I am so grateful that you took the time to tell a bit of your stories, share your conclusions and pose questions.

To Keven Graves, thank you for taking seriously the responsibility of a newspaper to present diverse viewpoints. The only way we can develop better critical thinking is by hearing multiple perspectives and examining their sources.

While many letters to the editor offer good information and useful insights, others are more limited. Yet each letter gives a window into the way people think and what they value. I am grateful to become aware of the opinions of others.

Let us be curious. Let us be open to listening and learning.


Elizabeth Guss


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