Letter: Water, waste resources are limited here


Who wouldn’t want this election to be over? Then all we have to do is live with the consequences.

When the ballots are counted, will big money be congratulating themselves on their slick campaign strategies that turned our elections into silly carnivals? Shills have used carpet bombing tactics with campaign signs to mislead people down a gilded path?

This time it seems to be about those who want to take the gilded path for the moment versus those who learned from the past.

Look how the highly touted water treatment plant turned out. You will know more next month when you get your city bills.

Have we forgotten that we’re an island surrounded by an unrelenting ocean? Our water and waste resources are limited. Can we continue to develop and build more homes until we’re forced into a march of doom like lemmings do?

The idea that water from the mainland is an unlimited supply for us was kiboshed by the state Supreme Court years ago.

Wake up folks. The alleged water experts from the mainland are nothing but shills paid for by blitzkrieg development barons.

Islands with sole-source aquifers are very different from mainland water sources.

Al Williams

Oak Harbor