Letter: Voters can elect candidate with most judicial experience


Carolyn Cliff has a judicial record of caring for the most vulnerable among us.

Some of the most vulnerable among us are children who must be removed from their homes because they cannot be properly cared for or are experiencing some kind of abuse. I have met many such children as a court-appointed special advocate. My role was to provide extra eyes and ears for the children, many quite young, and to represent what I thought was in the child’s best interests in Island County Juvenile Court.

I came to know Carolyn Cliff quite well when she served as a juvenile court commissioner. I came to depend upon Carolyn’s meticulous preparation. I admired her thoughtful, deliberate approach. Children rarely were in the courtroom as they were too young, but when older ones were present, Carolyn always spoke directly to them, explaining what was going on and why. She displayed a stern but gentle demeanor.

Those same qualities — her careful preparation and caring, thoughtful, deliberate approach to some of society’s most vulnerable — are what convince me she will make an outstanding Superior Court Judge, to replace Vickie Churchill who is retiring.

In Carolyn, voters can elect the candidate with the most judicial experience, one who knows and cares about all Island County residents.

Joan Caldwell


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