Letter: Vote for Democrats is the more prudent vote, actually


A vote for Democratic candidates is the more prudent vote.

This is directly in response to an Oak Harbor citizen’s recent letter to the editor last week.

Honestly, how can anybody promote a president who has categorically lied to us about the dangers of a virus that now has killed 222,000 Americans and has infected more than 13 million humans world-wide.

This GOP administration is riddled with convicted criminals and is literally the most corrupt group of politicians that I have ever witnessed in my 68 years on Earth.

The United States was not founded on racism and misogyny, even though admittedly slavery and native genocide did factor in to our “founding principles.”

To you who wish to continue with this insanity that we have endured for four years, I say it’s time to make America great in some new ways, maybe for the first time.

Let’s get rid of corporate greed on steroids; let’s let women do some of the higher up governing; let’s begin to truly foster visible accountable respect for all people regardless of color, income, class and sexual preference.

Let’s hold corrupt policemen and politicians accountable — finally.

All we ever hear about is that they don’t do jail time, and they are pardoned or released.

Increased spending on infrastructure, education, health care, nutrition, resources and American manufacturing is responsible.

Who will pay for it?

Perhaps the fabulously wealthy should show their gratitude to their country by paying more taxes for a while.

That would not be the end of the world. How many mansions do they need?

How many articles do we have to read about them not paying taxes and all the loop holes available to the wealthiest corporations and individuals?

Do not vote for a continuation of the stress, dangerous deceit, open meanness, illegality and immorality that has been in charge of our nation for four years too long.

Joan Govedare


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