Letter: Vote for Democrat is a vote for increased spending


The 2020 election is fast approaching, The citizens of the United States have a huge decision to make. I emphasized citizens because there are some who want those who are here illegally to be able to vote and have privileges that should be given only to citizens.

I have lived in the Philippines during an election and we were warned not to go out in town during the election. Never any question about voting. That was with my wife and I being there legally.

I know of no nation in the world, that holds free elections, that allow non-citizens to vote, so why should we? Enough said about that.

What faces the nation is a choice of a government that represents the ideas of the republic which the United States was founded on or a government that represents the most socialist leaning platform ever presented by a major candidate of either party.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have taken the Democratic party farther left than socialist Bernie Sanders. If you look at history you fast realize that no socialist government was ever successful. A vote for the Democrats is for moving the nation closer to a failed system of government.

Look at the socialist experiment in Venezuela to see what happens when socialism takes over.

Washington state is at another tipping point. Gov. Jay Inslee in the last eight years has overseen a 71% increase in the state budget. In 2019, the Democratic majority passed almost $30 billion spending increase for the next 10 years, in the last two weeks of the legislative session.

With spending like that, it is time to reevaluate those serving us in Olympia.

State Sen. Ron Muzzall has demonstrated great leadership. He helped organize a shipment of much-needed feed for the farmers and ranchers in Eastern Washington.

With open seats for the house the choice is clear. Greg Gilday and Bill Bruch are both excellent candidates. Both of their opponents are a cut from the same expensive spend and increase taxes mold of the democrat party.

Jill Johnson has been a good Island County commissioner and needs to be returned to continue serving us. Damian Greene would also be another good choice for commissioner

The choice is clear. A vote for any of the Democratic candidates is a vote for increased spending and a disregard of our wishes. The laws that were passed would have never been passed by a vote of the citizens of this state.

Joseph Moreland

Oak Harbor

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