Letter: Trump’s time nearly over, give Biden his moment


We at this moment have the most corrupt and petulant person ever, Donald J. Trump, in the White House. But we are also on the cusp of a new era.

To put the whole country in limbo and patriotic poll workers in danger for fear of calling the election was irresponsible. Trump’s tantrums and baseless suits, to try and control the counting of ballots, was pathetic and were systematically thrown out, as he had no case.

There was no fraud and was the most transparent election process in history. There were many poll watchers, both Democrats and Republicans, also cameras everywhere, maybe more than at any casino, as one person noted.

We learned more about the election process than we ever wanted to know. Joe Biden had more votes cast for him than any other candidate in the history of the country.

Trump’s fragile ego should be dealt with by his people, to lose happens.

The country needs to move on. We have much to deal with, the virus is out of control, one very important issue that needs attention.

Joe Biden deserves his moment in the sun, Trump’s is over, at last. I hope this kind of manipulation, by the GOP and media will never happen again.

Our country deserves better.

Nancy Mayer


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