Letter: Trump’s lies harmless, but Joe Biden’s are not


Let us acknowledge that Donald Trump has lied — he follows a long line of politicians and, in fact, even the best of them have stretched the truth often and without shame.

“If you like your health insurance you can keep it” comes to mind. But that is not this point.

Lies fall into many categories and are sometimes useful to preserve harmony. Any man knows that “Does this make me look fat?” Is not a question that calls out for truth if a peaceful evening is to be. Best fudge the answer, or divert the reason for disliking the outfit than tell the truth.

Lies run from little white ones to whoppers. The trick is how we respond to them.

I submit that Trump’s lies are generally harmless because we have an army of people to point out that they are lies. Even when he is telling the truth, they claim that he is lying.

Where lies are harmful is when they are ignored and allowed to stand.

Joe Biden is a commensurate story teller, and few people seem to worry about the corrosive nature of those lies.

Let us hope that the media will find the curiosity to ferret out the truth after Biden’s ascension to the throne.

Fred Wilferth


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