Letter: Trump tried to do what is best for our country


Responding to Nancy Meyer’s Dec. 26 letter to the editor of the Whidbey News-Times, first, kudos to Fred Wilferth for a thoughtful, excellent reply to Ms. Meyer’s letter of Dec. 19.

Having read both of Ms. Meyer’s letters, they read exactly like a script from CNN and MSNBC commentators who preached Trump hatred since before he was sworn into office.

I believe there is ample doubt and evidence that the presidential election was far from transparent and honest, and was rigged in favor of Joe Biden, someone who spent most of the campaign in his basement and his rallies couldn’t even fill a small parking lot.

There was no enthusiasm for him or his message. Trump filled stadiums with his rallies. The public was denied any pre-election media information negative toward Biden, such as his cognitive problems, influence peddling, coziness with China and shady business ties with his son.

Mail-in ballots done in the manner of this election are ripe for voter fraud, along with massive ballot dumps almost 100 percent for Biden, putting him way ahead and in many cases where there was a statistical impossibility.

Conservatives questioning the irregularities are repeatedly told, as Ms. Meyers wrote, “it was an open and honest election.”

Democrats strongly oppose any investigations of irregularities and sympathetic judges deny lawsuits.

If the election was honest and open, why do Democrats adamantly oppose verifying that it was so? President Trump is not cozy and in bed with the Russians or anyone else, as Democrats claim. He tried, and more often than not in his sometimes direct, and irritating way, to do what is best for the country. He mostly succeeded despite massive opposition from Democrats.

Apparently our country being stable, prosperous, having low unemployment, opposing countries that have been taking advantage of us in international trade, taking us out out of the, disastrous Paris Climate Accord, trying to secure our borders to prevent illegals and immigrants from violent countries from entering without vetting, Trump supporting the Constitution, law and order and his oath of office, against congressional larding of important bills, for example, are not in keeping with what Democrats want for America.

That is evident by their electing Joe Biden.

Ed Hickey

Oak Harbor

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