Letter: True change starts with you and me


The news is horrible: mass killings, ethnic hate crimes, insurrection and destructive demonstrations.

While our reaction may be to call out to government and seek new, stronger or different laws, these will not solve the problem.

Have laws against murder or domestic violence or stealing stopped these crimes?

What we need is a change of heart.

The true gospel of Jesus Christ offers this with power.

This is not the Christianity portrayed in the media, against abortion, against alternative lifestyles and with various strong positions on political issues.

Rather it is the gospel that changes hearts.

It offers and teaches love, acceptance and forgiveness as we seek to follow the Christ of the Bible. It calls us not only to be known by our love, but to rid ourselves of anger, rage, malice, slander, lies and filthy language (Col 3:8-9).

It calls us to become more and more like Christ ourselves, not to judge others in our culture.

I call out to my Christian brothers and sisters.

Put criticism of others and the culture on hold, focus on your own walk with Christ.

Truly become people who are salt and light, attractively offering love and hope to a world that looks hopeless.

Change starts with you and me.

Steven Morrow