Letter: Time is of the essence to stop voter suppression


I appreciate that Sens. Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell are both co-sponsors of the “For the People Act,” and I have attended Zoom town halls during which they have spoken of their commitment to pass the bill.

However, time is of the essence and failure to pass this legislation soon risks all upcoming elections as more states pass voter suppression laws.

The “For the People Act” will ensure our elections are secure against foreign attacks, transparent by requiring political groups to disclose their largest donors and show who pays for political ads, fair with districting done by non-political groups in each state making sure every vote counts equally and easy with mail-in ballots for all, early voting, and auto registration.

These reforms respond directly to Americans’ desire for real solutions that ensure that each one of us can have voice in the decisions that govern our lives.

Our senators and Democratic leadership have the power to stop voter suppression laws by scheduling a vote and passing this legislation without delay.

Sandra Shipley