Letter: Think mail-in ballots lead to fraud? Here’s an idea


Although I do not have a Twitter account, I often go to the website “Factbase.” I find they have the most current Covid-19 stats, Trump’s daily schedule and Trump’s daily tweets.

For the last several weeks I have noticed that, most every day, Trump tweets about mail in ballots being fraudulent and should not be allowed.

No less expert than the highest keeper or American law, A.G. William Barr has stated that foreign entities will flood the country with fake ballots.

I strongly urge all Trump voters to immediately destroy their mail in-ballot as soon as they receive it. Throw destroyed ballot in the garbage, not the recycle bin if you even have one.

Bingo! You have now double owned the “libs.”

I for one, when I receive my ballot, will carefully read the voter’s pamphlet, research any candidates/issues that I might want to gather more info about, carefully mark my ballot and recycle the original envelope and privacy insert.

After I fill out my ballot, I will put on my mask — Darn! I have been owned again!

I will then in an appropriate socially distancing manner delivery my ballot to the Coupeville ballot drop-off box knowing that I have been owned no less than three times by the Trump cult.

But I have the solace that I have practiced Democracy.

Phil Tiegs


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